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I am a woman that can be brutally honest with her own self at certain points when others fail to be able to tell me the brutal God honest truth. You may wonder which way I am going with this so I will actually place this right HERE & BEGIN.

Through the years I have discovered that many people voice that they want to hear the truth but as soon not even a inch of it presents itself everything else can go straight to hell because the person cannot handle it at all. I recall the moment a long term ex of mine would tell me the “brutal truth” about if he was seeing someone else. Which in fact he was and told me the truth about it because I was the one who asked for it! Every time after I would ask and he would not answer because we both knew the TRUTH. Now when I actually think about the relationship between him and myself I cannot be made at him because 💡He did exactly as I asked no matter how badly I was in turmoil due to HIS TRUTH💡

I am far from perfect and instead of trying to be I much rather BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF ME THAT I CAN BE! I discovered that in order to want acceptance you must first ask your own self if you accept yourself before asking someone else.

You cannot expect others to accept certain things about yourself if you refuse to do it.

The things you do not like about yourself CHANGE IT! If you cannot change it figure out a way to LIVE UNAPOLOGETICALLY WITH IT! You must figure out away to live a freeing life because life is far too short to walk through it not being able to ACCEPT YOUR OWN TRUTH by ducking and dodging it when ever it seems like it may be near. That type of life is similar to the expression “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS”. Not only does it cause unneeded stress in your life but it sucks the fun out of EVERYTHING literally! (my experiences with this topic in my own life taught me this valuable lesson) It took me a very long time to accept myself for who I am and anything I had a problem with if I could not change it I taught myself to find a way to make the best out of it!


The truth can be hard to swallow but cannot be ignored for too long because it will eventually catch up to you sooner or later. Unless you decide to accept who you are do not expect others to do it FIRST!

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    I really needed this read. There are many situations in our life that we can’t control and as much as we want to change them, we are unable to. we need to accept some things in life and live on. we can’t change everything but we can find a way to make the best out of everything.

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