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Missing Piece

If you are at a stage of your life when it feels as if you are living in a constant faze I DEEPLY UNDERSTAND. Most times (more like on a daily basis) my depression has been beating me up non-stop with absolutely no painkillers to give up before the next beat down occurs. The vision that was once clear is now drastically cloudy and murky. Try to imagine walking throughout a smoke filled environment with no amount of light at all…this is my current state and despite my constant effort to find my way out I somehow trip and tumble to the ground once again. I prefer to keep desperately trying no matter how many times I end up flat on my face because I have faith that my situation will eventually get better. Even though depression has at times taken so much out of me it has also shown me tons of things I had no idea before concerning the condition.

  1. I can get back up when it knocks me down and become immune to the usual tricks it plays.
  2. It is very common but just as I was…the stigma that it carries left me ashamed to admit I suffer from it.
  3. Before becoming upset with there blindness about the condition the best option I found helpful is educating each individual about and answer every question to the best of my abilities and if not refer the person to someone better equipped to answer the question.
  4. There are many helpful ways to help live a meaningful life with any mental illness.

With that being said I am taking it all one day at which includes stop wasting valuable time by attempting to making a incorrect puzzle piece fit when it clearly doesn’t. By wasting the days trying to force the piece I discovered that I am not only wasting time but also damaging the puzzle piece to the point it cannot fit in the place it was designed to fit in. When focusing on what we are trying to fit we can sometimes end up doing much more damaged that we thought.

I had to stop wasting valuable time attempting to make a piece fit when it was never intended to. Each new day I made the decision to go on the hunt for the missing puzzle piece in my life. For the record, the search is still on going but I have an incredibly amount of faith with the maximum amount of determination and perseverance to make sure it will happen in the correct timing.

Depression and Anxiety doesn’t have me, I have them!

The same goes for any problem that you yourself may be facing at this…you have full control over it and not the other way around. Don’t relinquish your power to the situation no matter how down you are because you have the authority to tell your mountains to move and if your mountains act as if it can’t hear you, keep in mind you have the strength to move it out of the way yourself. With Faith, Determination, and Perseverance nothing can stop you! Go out and find your missing puzzle piece because I know for sure mine is out there patiently waiting for it to be found. The same goes for you as well!

14 thoughts on “Missing Piece”

  1. I was diagnosed at age 13 with a mental illness that has been a constant roller coaster but with my meds and treatment I’m able to live a very productive and normal lifestyle. I totally get where you are coming from, the embarrassment alone is a struggle .

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    1. Yes it can be a tough struggle at times but those who have one or more are no different from anyone besides working a bit harder than most. I am glad you are in a stable place in your life with a working treatment plan. You are proof that it can be achieved. Thank you for taking the time out to read my post😊.

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