Pick Me Up Playlist

Music is something that can help shape my mood in a positive manner while I am in a low, shallow,difficult, dark, and lonely space. I have recently been in one of those places recently and music came to the rescue! It can sometime be the smallest amount of things to make a incredibly large impact on one’s soul. Thank you wakeninglife for nominating me to join in. Mental health is something I am passionate about and will continue to spread the positivity surrounding the subject vs. the negative stigma that has been attached to it. It is with pleasure that I also give credit to the creater of this Laura Spoonie who wants to help others with the calming sounds of music.

  1. “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson
  2. “Stand By Me” by Timeflies
  3. “A Beautiful Day” by India Arie
  4. “Carrie Underwood” by Carrie Underwood
  5. “Give Me” by Kirk Franklin ft. Mali Music
  6. “I Remember Me” by Jennifer Hudson
  7. “I’ll Find You” by Lacrae ft. Tori Kelly
  8. “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons
  9. “Rainbow” by Jessie J
  10. “Audio” by LSD

Each and every song has helped me get through hard times with my battle with Depression and Anxiety among other things sprinkled on top. Check a few out in your free time and see if any songs help ease your stress levels when it is at a all time high.

If you would like to keep this tag going feel free to join in because everyone is welcome to join too! The rules are down below👇

💜💚Do not give anything the power you are meant to possess…if you have don’t be afraid to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!💜💚

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