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Be In Between The Two

Today while reading I came across this quote and suddenly it dawned on me that instead of being one, why not be two. I have always viewed myself as being a optimist and viewing life in all different angles but part of me is a realist as well. I can have a dilemma and come up with different realistic solutions to it. Why do I only have to identify with one and not the other? Since I can’t come up with a answer I decided to identify with both.

Being a optimist is one wonderful quality to have because instead of giving up and losing hope being a optimist means you are steadily holding on to hope. I like to think at my most stressful moments hope is the one thing that helped me walk through it. In my mind anything can be handled and sorted out because I refuse to allow anything or anyone get the best of me. When I hear others complain about hitting rock bottom the only response I can tell him or her is if you are at your lowest point the only REALISTIC path for you to take is up. To me that’s the only choice I can see because the optimist part of me have faith that their is a way to solve the problem while the realistic part of myself knows if you are already at your lowest point the only way you can move is up. Be hopeful for the things that we can change despite if our vision becomes blurry at certain moments during the process and rest assure that for every lock door you encounter there is a key close by to unlock it.

12 thoughts on “Be In Between The Two”

  1. Love your last line that for every locked door there is a key. This is true! There can’t be a problem without its solution existing a the same time. Thanks for posting!

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  2. You have a good attitude. When I first read the quote I was like, well that was clearly written by a “realist” because for me an optimist isn’t thinking the wind will change but thinking that something good will come of it.

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    1. Thank you and I figured that I can’t walk through life with a bad attitude because it solves nothing. At least with a positive attitude things can be shifted to work in my favor if I work at it and allow it to. I like your point of view too.


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