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Trust Your SOUL

Your gut speaks to you but your soul helps sort out what is CORRECT VS. what is FALSE FOR YOU. When certain obstacles stand in your way be sure to sort out the two because nothing last forever and your SOUL will not move you in the wrong direction. In LIFE we tend to tense up with every single discomfort and cave in once things go off before holding in there waiting for the storm to pass and follow your SOUL IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION FOR YOU.

Allow your soul to help you determine what is CORRECT vs. what is FALSE FOR YOU . Never allow your emotions to cloud your judgement and dwell on the *WHAT MAY BE OR NOT MAY BE*. Confidence is a wonderful gift to have possession of because it is not all about your outer beauty but most importantly having confidence in your inner beauty as well. In my opinion inner beauty consist of having FAITH in your God given abilities and refusing to allow someone to speak differently about how “YOU SHOULD FEEL ABOUT EACH OF THEM”. Just because someone has achieved great success in a certain amount of time why should you feel ashamed because its taking you much longer? Success has absolutely no expiration date or deadline and you will get their when the time is correct for YOU. Judging yourself based on someone’s elses LIFE will only create much more stress on yourself. Do you want to be happy or overwhelmed for the rest of your life? 💡The choice is yours to make👉choose confidently and wisely👈!

⏳Quick Remission⏳

Asking questions is the FIRST step in the process of confidently moving forward in life. Just because you have asked does not speak on your intellectual frame of mind or mental state. Asking questions merely means you WANT to move forward vs. GIVING UP & QUITTING altogether. The same exact way you made the decision to speak up and ask the question. Others have the same exact decision to whether reply with an answer/or solution to your question. The next important step that comes after is to not allow one unheard response to keep you in a rut for too long because your determination will not allow you stop moving. Which in a domino effect your SOUL will in fact help you decide whether something is CORRECT FOR YOU OR WHAT IS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU.

Putting yourself first doesn’t necessarily mean you are placing others behind you but by concentrating on what is in your best interest and move forward at a certain point you will be able to reach down and help others up. Before you are able to HELP others you must FIRST HELP YOURSELF CONFIDENTLY!

Not only does LIFE have a unique way of humbling you but LIFE also have a way to allow your SOUL to guide you down the correct path for you. Take as much time you need to sit back and gather all of the much needed information you are seeking in order for you to allow your SOUL to guide you wisely based on who you truly are.

PAYING-IT-FORWARD is a motto I gladly take to heart. When you inflict emotional pain or physical abuse on someone without knowing first hand many can only *ASSUME* how it may feel so how can you generally become mad at the person for not understanding how you may feel? In order to fully understand someone emotions you have to be able to see through their lenses. Experiences are the foundation of our LIFE’S JOURNEY.

QUESTION🔉How many have judged another person so quickly in the past but had to pause for a moment when you found yourself in a similar situation? Going backwards solves absolutely nothing and in my personal opinion attempting to do so is absolutely pointless but what you DO HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER IS whether or not you want to take the lesson that was taught to you and use it throughout your LIFE’S JOURNEY and help those who are in a similar situation so that the person can continue the cycle by PAYING IT-FORWARD.


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Life can be tough and extremely overwhelming on many different occasions but instead only asking “WHY ME” place after the question “WATCH ME”! Take in account how many times you *PUSHED THROUGH* your hardships and successfully succeeded. Focusing on the negative things clouds out the positive points we have suddenly missed out on acknowledging.

I have caught myself several times forgetting to speak out on my high points while continuously crying and running myself crazy about the horrible downfalls I focus on that pops up throughout my life. Yes, we all have our struggles but my only request is this👉DO NOT MAKE YOUR STRUGGLES & DOWNFALLS YOUR HOME AS WELL AS YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! Things may in fact become too overwhelming at certain points in your life span but you have the power not make those problems your FINAL RESTING PLACE! That actual power is YOURS & only you can make that decision no one else can do it for you.


💡Everyone can use a little motivation and inspiration!💡

I will be back uploading more very soon once my schedule clears up.📝❤

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A Pinch Of Some Much Needed Inspiration

Another fellow blogger iscriblr asked yesterday if I wanted to have some more quote FUN and here it is…also stroll by her site and say “HI”!

I don’t know about others but the most exciting phrase to me is when someone underestimate my determination to succeed in every goal I set for myself. One of my greatest role models said it best.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines within.” Maya Angelou

This speaks directly to my soul which informs me that the light around me will never compare to the light inside of me and just because the odds seem to be against me, no person that is walking on this EARTH has the power to dim my light inside.

*I do not own this picture click on the picture to go to the site where I found it from*

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

I believe in his quote because if you want a promising future for yourself how else are you going to do so? If you want to be happy you have to discover or return to what was able to cause you to be happy! Everything starts with you knocking the first domino over to begin the chain reaction. Nothing will take off properly without you FIRST igniting the flame to start.


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Let’s Stay Connected

I have created a facebook that is linked to this site. The same picture you see on here is the exact same picture for my facebook account. Type in Unbreakable Queen and let’s connect😁. I also uploaded the quotes I use on here to my page as well and MORE!

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The 3 Day Quote Challenge

Today marks my 3rd day in the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Thank you so much 👉 iscriblr👈 for nominating me. If you have missed out on my last two days I am more than happy to recap for the individuals who missed out.



Now that everyone is all caught up, I can now begin on my final Day of the challenge! My quote for today is “With each new day do not strive to be better than someone else, strive to be a brand new version of yourself than you were the day before.”

When it comes to this quote the reason why I decided to create it because I want everyone to understand it is ok to be yourself without allowing the opinion of others to crush your uniqueness. Everyone has a special gift that ONLY YOU can share with the world around you because even IF someone has a similar gift as you please understand there is ONLY ONE OF YOU! Due to that critical factor that is the reason why your given gift is your own and cannot be stolen or duplicated. I have written on many different occasions that competition is not necessary at all because you have automatically won by default. The day that you came into this world was also the exact moment when you won! JUST FOCUS SOLELY ON BEING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF EACH NEW DAY YOU SEE. Reason being that trying to go back in time is pointless and cannot be done regardless how much you may try. My quote from DAY 2 speaks on my personal belief that you can allow your fears to keep parked in life or you can drive forward. *If I thought someone could put themselves in reverse in LIFE (myself included) I would have mentioned it.* Since I have no proof of time traveling I prefer to concentrate on the things I actually do know which what I believe from my personal experiences.

Life is designed to teach each person a magnitude of different lessons so that we can use it correctly next time in our near or far future. Not so we can go back and fix our mistakes. If that was indeed the point, we would also erase the lesson that was taught DUE TO THE MISTAKE AS WELL! The lessons that life has taught us are designed to teach person valuable lessons in hope we can Pay-IT-FORWARD and help others who may have similarities with our lives. Some my accept it while others may not but at the end of the day SMILE because you went it with good intentions and left with even more.

My nominees

Patrick Stories


Magic In The Everyday

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3 Day Quote Challenge

This my DAY 2 of the quote challenge which iscriblr 👈was so gracious enough to nominate me for! Her site is well worth scrolling past and checking out right now if you are reading this because I highly doubt you will be disappointed by with site. Click on her name above to transfer over to her site and while you are at it say “HI” also.

The quote that I have chosen for today is along the same lines as the quote I chose for yesterday 👉click here for a refresher 👈. Sometime a little more motivation is greatly needed or a added bonus for the motivation you already have. Either way it’s a WIN-WIN situation SO WHY NOT RECEIVE IT WHEN IT’S FREE OF CHARGE?

Today my quote is ” I am no longer in parked by my fears in life but instead determined to progress forward successfully because of them”! Have you ever met someone who allowed their fears to pull off the road and remain parked because of them? I WAS ONE✋! The way my mind worked at the time if things became too scary or overwhelming I would allow my FEARS effect my progress in a negative manner. If you recall the movie that fact came out in the 1990’s titled “The Matrix”?

*👆I do not own this picture in no way click the picture to go to the owner’s site👆*

In the movie the character named Morpheus ask the character Neo to choose between the RED pill vs. the BLUE pill.

💡What I received from that minor part of the movie is this💡IN LIFE EVERYTHING BOILS DOWN TO OUR PERSONAL CHOICES. The moment I realized that viable part of information I no longer could allow my fears to keep me in park when it comes to my life! The familiar quote which states “When you know better, DO BETTER” explains exactly why I could no longer allow my fears keep me in park when it deals with my progression in life. Since I know better now, I have no other choice but to DO BETTER & MY HOPE IS FOR THIS QUOTE TO HELP MOTIVATE SOMEONE ELSE TOO!

My nominees for today are


Me On Focus


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3 Day Quote Challenge

I was nominated today for the 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE by iscriblr👈. Thank you so much for nominating me which is extremely kind of you to do! If you love to read about life hacks fashion, beauty tips, and much more click on her name above and check out site! Even if not still click on her name above to check out her wonderful site! Believe me you will not regret it at all💻. In other words CHALLENGE ACCEPTED iscriblr📝.

I am a positive individual who refuse to let my circumstances stop me from going after what I want and desire others to adopt that type of mentality as well. Just because something is standing in your way *DO YOU STOP PROGRESSING FORWARD*? For myself the answer is a flat out “NO”! I will find a way to get to the destination I desire for myself one way or another and my hope is for others to find a way to their desire destination as well. Why should I stop dancing just because the music suddenly stop? If the music refuse to turn back on despite my attempts to fix it so that it will and the urge I have to dance is still extremely present. WHY SHOULD I NOT DANCE WITHOUT MUSIC? A problem will only prevent you from doing something if you allow. IF YOU CANNOT CHANGE A PROBLEM FIGURE OUT A WAY TO WORK THROUGH, AROUND, OR WITH IT!


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