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Hold On & Enjoy The View

Have you ever felt as if trying to stand up is a lost cause because every single attempt end up with life's powerful wind strength knocking you back down once again? What's the use, correct? It may seem like a never-ending ring-a-round ride that you want to hurry rush off of but what happens when… Continue reading Hold On & Enjoy The View

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I am honored to be nominated once again for the 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE! This time around another great blogger that goes by the name of 👉Riddhima Penner👈 was so gracious enough to nominate me for the challenge. Click on her name above☝ to check her site out👀. Her site is amazing if I may… Continue reading 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE



I truly believe that when you are off balance walking through life desperately struggling to not trip over your own two feet you will receive a SIGN to not lose site of the finish line that is directly straight ahead. GaillovesGod is the sign I needed at this very moment. ✒CHALLENGE ACCEPTED✒ The Quote I… Continue reading 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE

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Let’s Talk

Who wouldn't want to be a real life Super Hero totally prepared to swoop right down and save the day? Sounds unrealistic? What if I told you the key points to make your unrealistic dream into REALITY? I have discovered lately that even with MYSELF I actually stop my own progress with thinking negative about… Continue reading Let’s Talk

Let's Talk, Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Helpful Anxiety Tips

My anxiety has been through the roof recently because of many different life challenges that I am working out at this very moment. *Depression has a way of convincing your mind that a typical minor problem is larger than normal* Who knew Depression can do magic tricks? I refuse to sit down and watch the… Continue reading Helpful Anxiety Tips

Let's Talk, Monday-Sunday Inspiration

You May Assume

EVEN when you think you are invisible the earth still has your footprints embedded in the soil. YOU MAY think your cries are the only echoes that others around you hear but your laughter echoes are much more louder which over powers the sound of your cries. YOU MAY think no one will miss your… Continue reading You May Assume

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I wholeheartedly believe Depression in my life was all part of God's plan for my life. ✋DISCLAIMER✋ *Some may think I am "REACHING" but this is my personal opinion and we can agree to disagree.* Depression & Anxiety has helped me form a STRONG relationship with my Father due to the fact that I actually… Continue reading GOD’S PLAN