On January 18th of this WONDERFUL NEW YEAR 2018 gaillovesgod nominated me for the Brotherhood Of The World Bloggers Award. Even though many days have passed from the time I was nominated...BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!😊 CHECK OUT HER AMAZING PAGE👉GailLovesGod👈 is an amazing blogger who speaks from the ❤ and a sister of mine because… Continue reading BROTHERHOOD OF THE WORLD AWARD

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

 Correct Your Vision

What I see on numerous occasions (including myself in the past) many 👀 see their life as "CURSED" negativity speaking. After continually being knockdown by life assuming  this is normal but far from the truth and allow me to explain my reasoning for my statement. Two people can be looking at the same  exact cloud… Continue reading  Correct Your Vision

Monday-Sunday Inspiration, Story Time

The Golden Rule

Remember the old saying "KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS" as well as "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU" as a child I had absolutely no clue of the meaning but once I reached adulthood my thought process changed completely and the true meaning behind the old saying became crystal clear. Well, my personal… Continue reading The Golden Rule