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A Pinch Of Some Much Needed Inspiration

Another fellow blogger iscriblr asked yesterday if I wanted to have some more quote FUN and here it is…also stroll by her site and say “HI”!

I don’t know about others but the most exciting phrase to me is when someone underestimate my determination to succeed in every goal I set for myself. One of my greatest role models said it best.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines within.” Maya Angelou

This speaks directly to my soul which informs me that the light around me will never compare to the light inside of me and just because the odds seem to be against me, no person that is walking on this EARTH has the power to dim my light inside.

*I do not own this picture click on the picture to go to the site where I found it from*

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

I believe in his quote because if you want a promising future for yourself how else are you going to do so? If you want to be happy you have to discover or return to what was able to cause you to be happy! Everything starts with you knocking the first domino over to begin the chain reaction. Nothing will take off properly without you FIRST igniting the flame to start.


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The 3 Day Quote Challenge

Today marks my 3rd day in the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Thank you so much 👉 iscriblr👈 for nominating me. If you have missed out on my last two days I am more than happy to recap for the individuals who missed out.



Now that everyone is all caught up, I can now begin on my final Day of the challenge! My quote for today is “With each new day do not strive to be better than someone else, strive to be a brand new version of yourself than you were the day before.”

When it comes to this quote the reason why I decided to create it because I want everyone to understand it is ok to be yourself without allowing the opinion of others to crush your uniqueness. Everyone has a special gift that ONLY YOU can share with the world around you because even IF someone has a similar gift as you please understand there is ONLY ONE OF YOU! Due to that critical factor that is the reason why your given gift is your own and cannot be stolen or duplicated. I have written on many different occasions that competition is not necessary at all because you have automatically won by default. The day that you came into this world was also the exact moment when you won! JUST FOCUS SOLELY ON BEING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF EACH NEW DAY YOU SEE. Reason being that trying to go back in time is pointless and cannot be done regardless how much you may try. My quote from DAY 2 speaks on my personal belief that you can allow your fears to keep parked in life or you can drive forward. *If I thought someone could put themselves in reverse in LIFE (myself included) I would have mentioned it.* Since I have no proof of time traveling I prefer to concentrate on the things I actually do know which what I believe from my personal experiences.

Life is designed to teach each person a magnitude of different lessons so that we can use it correctly next time in our near or far future. Not so we can go back and fix our mistakes. If that was indeed the point, we would also erase the lesson that was taught DUE TO THE MISTAKE AS WELL! The lessons that life has taught us are designed to teach person valuable lessons in hope we can Pay-IT-FORWARD and help others who may have similarities with our lives. Some my accept it while others may not but at the end of the day SMILE because you went it with good intentions and left with even more.

My nominees

Patrick Stories


Magic In The Everyday

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Today is the last day for the challenge and I want to thank Riddhima Penner 👈once again for nominating me for it. Click on her name to check out her site!

While I was sitting at my desk earlier today I decided to brainstorm on which quote I wanted to choose to post about today. Look below to see the WINNER 🏆👀📹

The reason behind why is actually quite simple because on many frequent occasions I truthfully have to tell me myself in the morning “SCREW IT AND JUST DO IT!” sometimes. As badly as I want to be lazy and stay in bed all day quite a few would be more than happy to have EMPLOYMENT to be able to pay their own bills at this time but do not have such a “gift” and yet I am a individual who actually HAVE IT…GET THE HECK UP! YES, depression does make it difficult at certain points but yet still “GET THE HECK UP”!

You can only have a pity party for so long and I refuse to be ungrateful for the things other only dream of having! Even though you may feel as if your life is so incredibly awful… until you make the attempt to change your situation yourself why would someone else want to change it for you? The very things we take for granted others across the world are begging to have a just a glimpse of having.

Many people (including myself) need to eat a couple of pieces of *HUMBLE PIE* while telling themselves to “Screw IT and Just Do IT”!

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I am honored to be nominated once again for the 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE! This time around another great blogger that goes by the name of 👉Riddhima Penner👈 was so gracious enough to nominate me for the challenge. Click on her name above☝ to check her site out👀. Her site is amazing if I may say so myself…don’t just take my word for it GO SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Let’s jump right into it! My first quote for day one is👇

In the past I was the type of person who would allow setbacks to convince me that trying again was not worth it at all. By not trying again I actually sabotaged my own progress in life. I did blame others for why my life is not moving at the pace I thought it should be. Someone once told me “Every time you point at someone, secretly another finger is pointing back at you”. The reason behind why I made the choice to start the challenge off with this particular quote is I want to help others stop allowing miniature setbacks disrupt their life to the point of becoming paralyze permanently because of the setbacks that maybe hard to swallow and face head on. I would like for anyone who may be reading this answer a few questions for me if you may…


DO NOT ALLOW MINOR SETBACKS TO DESTROY YOUR CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF! Even though we may WANT things to happen overnight the reality of everything is basically it has a very slim chance of not happening that quickly. If you are able to weather the storm and keep the same energy of knocking down every single door that refuses to open up for you! 💡THINGS WILL HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO WORK IN YOUR FAVOR BECAUSE YOUR DETERMINATION IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!💡People give up all the time to the point of it being the “NORM” in our today society. We all want to stand out in the world as your OWN individual person, correct? HOW ABOUT WE STAND OUT BY REFUSING TO ALLOW OUR SETBACKS GET THE BEST OF US BY GIVING UP ON OURSELVES INDEFINITELY?

  • Stand out by knocking each locked door off the hinges!
  • Stand out by not accepting defeat!
  • Stand out by refusing to hear the word “NO”!
  • Stand out by always walking in FAITH & not by SIGHT!
  • Stand out by showing your doubters (after proving to yourself) that it CAN and WILL be done!
  • Stand out by showing the world doubting YOU was a humongous mistake!
  • Stand out by achieving everything you have set out to do!
  • Stand out by jumping back up each time life has knocked you down!
  • Stand out by killing each hateful person you cross paths with KINDNESS with a the biggest smile that person has ever seen.


Riddhima Penner be honest how did I do? Thank you once again for the nomination!







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My Depression

I find joy in helping others no matter what I may be handling privately. Depression is such a dreadful feeling of hopelessness which many people do not have the mental capacity to fully understand. Depression is not something that can be fixed with a single finger snap or clicking my heels 3xs. Trying to make others fully understand Depression is exhausting and mentally draining which I have absolutely zero time in my compact day to even attempt to anymore. I cannot even count the times I have heard the phrase “Its all in your mind and you should just get over it.” If I actually would all my financial debt would be completely wiped out and my bank account would be set for the rest of my life. In a sense I actually wish it was that simple but unfortunately it is not.

Naturally growing up I was a happy yet adventures child who would always walk around with a gigantic gorgeous smile on my face but starting in to my early teenager years my smile first started to slip away and it was not by my own personal doing. It somehow and someway started to happen. At first I was put in Christian Therapy and still became numb overtime feeding to my parents whatever they wanted to her. After being in therapy for awhile I would trick the professionals as well just so I was deemed “normal” and wasn’t made to attend anymore.

When I did confide in my peers about my true actual feelings at first I was handled with delicate care but when the friendship ended or we may have gotten into a horrible place. Here is where the hurt has been inflicted on myself from the same individuals I thought were my friends. This is when my trust in people died because I trust no one to be completely honest…no family…close childhood friends…absolutely no one but GOD.

I am actually trying to breakaway from that mentality and I AM STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS. I have personally dealt with the majority of my issues but still not completed more than half yet. All in all I have FAITH that I will overcome the things that I have foolishly let weigh me down mentally as well as physically. All I can do is try each day to the best of my ability. The greatest thing that actually came out due to my Depression is making a stronger bond with my Father because after everyone who decided to walk away from me the only person who remained to keep me focused on the light at the end of my tunnel was my wonderful Father who never let go of my hand even when I tried to let go of his. HIS GRIP NEVER LOOSENED, NOT EVEN FOR ONE TINY SECOND.

🙏AND FOR THAT ALONE I AM INDEED GRATEFUL & BLESSED🙏 I would love to hear about others who are battling Depression like myself as well💬

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What Hurts The Most

Which pain hurts the most EMOTIONAL PAIN OR PHYSICAL PAIN? This is a question I find myself wondering about at different moments throughout the day because I have had my share of BOTH and because of that FACT my opinion sides with EMOTIONAL PAIN.

Reason being I have heard on many cases from women who have experienced childbirth reporting that she wanted to have a “Natural Birth” at the start but 10 minutes in was pleading with the nurse for a epidural. The physical pain seems unbearable, correct? While trading stories the question comes to me asking “Have you ever been pregnant before?” *Depending on how I feel at the time I may or may not answer but on a few occasions I actually do.* 💁GO FIGURE💁 With this particular person I reply “Yes”. Fully understanding that another question was well on it’s way and I started anticipating it what would be coming next. After a couple of minutes passed I was asked about the location of my kids. Taking a few deep breathes I replied “in heaven” before attempting to smile so she would not feel awkward. “Oh my, I’m so sorry for your lost and I could not even imagine having to deal with something like that.” TRUTH BE TOLD I AM STILL DEALING WITH IT ALONG WITH A CLOSET FULL OF OTHER THINGS! I take everything one step at a time because no one has my trust unless it’s GOD himself other than that I am best solo.

The only request I have is for my FATHER to keep is hand over me. When I start feeling depressed I play a mental video of my life and vow to never backtrack into what I once was. EMOTIONAL PAIN led myself into drinking foolishly thinking that A FEW DRINKS CALLED “PAINKILLER” WOULD STOP IT.😂


Growing up I started cutting ✂ myself. My main item of choice was a razor blade due to the sharpness of it. Truthfully I cannot speak on WHY I started in the first place but all I remember is taking part of it. I do however can remember friends of mine doing it maybe PEER PRESSURE OR WANTING BE LIKE MY FRIENDS AT THAT TIME. I also remember reading this book👇

Once my parents found out in counseling. To sum it all up even cutting could not over power the EMOTIONAL PAIN in my opinion. I tried stopping my emotional pain with cutting as I became older as well adding a few years more alcohol came to play also. Breaking my arm pain felt nothing close to the pain of giving birth to two stillborns. The intense pain of acknowledging that the guy I fell madly in love with was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Alcohol only numbed the pain for a few hours but once I became sober THE PAIN CAME RIGHT ON BACK STRONGER THAN EVER! If I had to make a choice on having to deal with either EMOTIONAL PAIN VS. PHYSICAL PAIN? I RATHER GO THROUGH THE PHYSICAL PAIN ON ANY DAY…that is something I can handle but the EMOTIONAL PAIN lingers on despite how many failed attempts to stop it.

Having EMOTIONAL PAIN is one thing but trying to make others understand it is even worse unless he/her has seen first hand the effects of such pain. At first I started noticing the people around myself would get annoyed with seeing my tears, daily struggle, and my solitary confinement that I kept myself in because of some of the experiences I went through. I actually decided not to speak of it at all as well as let those same “friends” GO.

I want to hear 👂from others who are reading this down in the comments on your take on EMOTIONAL PAIN VS. PHYSICAL PAIN…WHICH OF THE TWO IS THE WORST IN YOUR OPINION💬💬?



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I am actually writing this to have the individuals who CAN relate to me & and even individuals who MAY NOT. The YEAR 2017 has ended, meanwhile the YEAR 2018 has began. With every ending something will always start and that is a KNOWN FACT. That is why I can proudly say someone may FEEL as if nothing in their life is going well… my advice to him/or her is CONTINUE TO HOLD ON A LITTLE BIT LONGER, the problems you are now facing has a ending date and that is coming sooner than you know. Most people want FAST RESULTS and I understand that but at the same time somethings cannot be rushed in order for satisfied results to take place. For example…most marinate their dishes in order to successfully taste the richest of ingredients that the cook wants to get across. In certain situations in order to get the full effect of something we most allow it to marinate for awhile. Especially if we want to receive the full effect of it!

To all the popcorn lovers out there…what happens if we pull the bag out before the time is done on the microwave? We would not recieve what we truly want because we lack PATIENCE. Things do not happen when you THINK it should; Things happen when you put in the necessary blood, sweat, & tears with much needed PATIENCE as well as DISCIPLINE & DETERMINATION. If you do not want it bad enough, it will not happen. This is a lesson I had to learn because I would want something to happen without taking the necessary STEPS to make sure it happened. I was knowingly allowing my blessings to slip right on by without realizing THE ISSUE WAS MYSELF! 

If you want something to happen in your life don’t just want it *CRAVE IT*! Run after your dreams with full force under each step…refuse to look back if you may think it will slow you down. For instance, when I look back I see everything I REFUSE to run back into or let catch up to me. The greatest thing about my personality is this… instead of looking back in regret I look back and see the situations I OVERCAME & allow that to MOTIVATE ME TO ACHIEVE EVERY GOAL I CREATE FOR MYSELF💪. 
Everyone has a story and the only thing that sets us apart is what we because of  it. 

*For example* The #ME TOO origin started 10 years ago with the activist Tarana Burke. This has been out for years but only started getting publicized recently. (Google the name Tarana Burke and comment below your findings💬👇) 

*For Example* Steve Harvey was homeless for 3 years living out of his car before getting to the place he is currently at now. I recall watching the show where he spoke to the elderly couple who  gave him a place to sleep and helped him travel to comedy shows at that particular time in his life. It does bring me to tears each time I watch it😭.   Here is the link to it👈(credited to YouTube) In Steve Harvey voice “I GOT MONEY NOW”! Comment below and give me your input on this particular topic👇💬.
Figure out what your dreams are & once you have “Do Not Walk, RUN & CHASE YOUR DREAMS”!