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The Power of Love

I do believe it's the truth when people often say "love makes you do crazy things" because we all have experienced seeing someone or even becoming the person who has done something you wouldn't typically do all in the name of love. To some the act may seem a bit bizarre but most times it's… Continue reading The Power of Love

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What Hurts The Most

Which pain hurts the most EMOTIONAL PAIN OR PHYSICAL PAIN? This is a question I find myself wondering about at different moments throughout the day because I have had my share of BOTH and because of that FACT my opinion sides with EMOTIONAL PAIN. Reason being I have heard on many cases from women who… Continue reading What Hurts The Most

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When You Think It’s Over…BUCKLE UP!

I am highly disappointed in myself for just stumbling on this REMARKABLE REAL LIFE STORY UNTIL NOW! Even though I am now just stumbling on I actually seeing it as one of my *SIGNS* and I am very blessed because of it. One of the most difficult feeling is when someone feels as if NO… Continue reading When You Think It’s Over…BUCKLE UP!

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What is holding you hostage in life? What is preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest? Physical hostage is the norm but despite what society thinks...YOU CAN BE HELD HOSTAGE EMOTIONALLY AS WELL. For example *DEPRESSION*!!! đź”’YOU BECOME ANTISOCIALđź”’ đź”’SEE EVERYONE AROUND YOU AS A THREAT BECAUSE IT HAS TRICKED YOUR MIND INTO THINKING… Continue reading Hostage