Let's Talk, VENTING

Can I Vent For A Few?

Can I just vent for a second pretty please because I am at my limit?! Even if you may not want to hear such a thing be prepared because this vent here is coming your way and I suggest you move out the way if you don’t care to here it. As bizarre as someone who knows of me may think this may sound I am not ok and highly doubt I will ever be.

To be brutally honest my trust in humanity is depleted, I am back to having difficulties when it comes to seeing my reflection in the mirror again, and to sum it all up I am flat out exhausted. Understand my venting doesn’t mean I plan on giving up anytime soon but it’s to show that I do in fact feel, cry, deal with situations internally, become frustrated, irritated, overwhelmed, and more.

Some may deal with their situations publicly while me on the other hand rather keep everything to myself reason being each time I try and voice my feelings it tends to fall on deaf ears or even worse become the butt of a joke. I come to the realization that most people careless until the tables are turned on them and you better be their shoulder to cry on or listening ear to turn to. The famous golden rule we all have heard during our childhood is

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

It’s a common phrase but many have a difficult time following it…Don’t you think? Even though others may not want to hear me out I made it a point to live out the rule on a daily basis no matter what others may have done unto me. Of course I am human and may find myself become resentful and so badly want to meet the individual or individuals at their level but I do my best to not aim low, instead shoot higher. I feel if everyone do so our world would be even more brighter and to start it off, why would I not start the ball rolling with myself? ⏰I do know many others who are on the same track as myself and I would like to take a timeout from my venting to say “THANK YOU & CONTINUE TO KEEP THE CYCLE GOING”.⏰

The image above👆says it all and now that I have gotten my venting out it does make my day a bit better with the bonus of not attempting to track down a ear to hear me out loud and clear. Writing is a form of therapy that many can use when you want to get something off your chest discreetly. Keeping everything bottled up inside is sorta like a science project of a volcano that is seconds from exploding and the mess left behind could have been avoided by placing protective measures in place if such a thing was to happen. Think of writing as a protective measure in place to prevent a huge mess from needing you to become the unnecessary clean up crew. Let’s try not to add more when we have no true desire to. 👉Another tip to write down if you wish👈📝 Stay positive and if you feel like crying go right ahead but don’t stay down for long because I know for sure I will not!

6 thoughts on “Can I Vent For A Few?”

  1. Thank you for sharing your (mine too!) thoughts.
    For me it goes deeper than what you’ve written but at least you have let it out and reading what you wrote somehow makes me feel better.
    I have also been through something that makes me know that on that front, I’ll never be okay but that does not mean I’m giving up. I’m just acknowledging my feelings and moving on.
    This really just sums it all up: “it hurts when you want to vent out what you really feel but all you can do is to smile and say that everything’s fine.”
    Thank you once again for sharing.

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    1. You are very welcome. I am glad reading what I have wrote makes you feel better and now I come to realize that it’s ok to not be ok at times. Letting your feelings out is necessary and doesn’t mean you are defeated if you make the decision to get back up each time you fall down. Your quote sums everything right on up and thank you greatly for taking the time out to read my post.

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