Letter To Fear

Sometimes the past haunts me to the point my reality seems unbearable and very unclear. Your goal is to make me curl up into a ball and not want to come out ever again. Which for years you can very much say I was that girl who hide away from the world ignoring the realization that even though my fear is temporarily put away, the world doesn’t stop spinning and will eventually pass me right on by.

Fragile is a word I use when things are going haywire in my life because despite how insane it can be, I refuse to break! Let me repeat fear that I REFUSE TO BREAK! I was taught that wanting a mountain to move doesn’t make it but telling one to move, now that’s another story. The reason behind me writing you fear is to let you know that I may be down right now but I am not out of the game by a long shot.


Unbreakable Queen

Communicating with your problems doesn’t necessary mean speaking out loud to each one because I know sometimes my voice try to come out but no sound escapes.When that happens I improvise and decide to write my feelings out and most times it comes out as letters. My hope is for others who want to make their mountains move but cannot get the correct words out try my method and WRITE IT ALL OUT. Pay it forward to the best of your abilities and I am all up for you to give me your helpful tip or tips as well leave your thoughts below! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this📕!

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