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Peace Of Mind

Having “Peace of Mind” is one of the greatest feelings in the world because who seriously has the power to set such a precious gift up for you but YOU? You cannot walk into a store to purchase it as if “peace of mind” can be bought right off the department’s sells floor. I for one has spent tons of my free time seeking it while foolishly forgetting the fundamental keys for gaining such a true treasure which are…

  • Letting go of the very things I cannot change🔑
  • Wholeheartedly embrace and accept the life changes I have decided to embark on🔑
  • Come to terms with the past while making the choice to not allow it to impact what I have set out to accomplish in the near future🔑
  • Realize that the inner peace I am seeking will automatically radiate on the outside for the entire world to notice🔑

Those four valuable keys helped me to get on the right track and convinced me that even though I “think” I am there, there is absolutely much more work to be done. By my admittance it actually shows that I am trying and do fully understand this will not magically happen overnight but what is life without your share of hardships and storms to go through? Letting go is much easier said then done but as long as you keep putting your best foot forward the one thing you seen as “impossible” can and will happen without question. The word👉 “impossible”👈 is myth because if you look closely at it what word do you see? (Click the link above to my post on the topic)

Inner Peace & Peace of Mind in my opinion go hand in hand meaning you cannot have one without the other because at the end of the day those two halves make the whole in my special edition of the “Book of Life”. How can you have inner peace without having peace of mind? I would much rather attempt to achieve having inner peace vs. keep living an unsettled life because from me to you this is extremely exhausting and a tiny bit aggravating. How can I attempt to help others while behind close doors I haven’t attempt to help my own self with the tools I have discovered? My philosophy is just this the lessons that life has taught me I only bring them to the front AFTER I have tested each one out on myself because we all learn from our experiences and we can help each other by laying it all out there hoping someone else can also receive help from it as well. What may work for others may not quite work for you but at least you can cross that off the list and attempt something else that may in fact work in your favor.

My peace of mind is extremely valuable and so very needed. Time will keep on going as I will too but a tiny break is good for the body & soul all while taking the steps to receive the peace of mind I have been working on. Follow the steps to help yourself if you are too on the search for yours and feel free to give me some pointers also. Have a wonderful weekend💜.

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