Always Remember The Word “IMPOSSIBLE” Has The Word “POSSIBLE” Intertwine With It

images-1         I learned that sometimes my biggest obstacles is ME…meaning that in a lot of situations that I have faced throughout my life no one stopped my progression in life but myself. Before I would even start the fear, anxiety, and hesitation would prevent me from stepping out on faith to see the outcome good or bad. Life is exactly what you make it…Whose to say that if I took frequent risks the outcome of my life’s journey could have been positive but do the fact I allowed my hesitation to scare me to the point I refuse to take the frequent life changing risks, my outcome most likely would have worked in my favor but when you think negative…negative results is the outcome.  Have you ever heard of the old saying “there’s power in the tongue”? In my opinion it is indeed correct but I also believe once negative thoughts are in someone’s mind, the mind tricks us into believing that there’s truth in it and place it on the tongue in hopes we are fooled enough to speak it into existence. With age Cù4 l as traumatized situations I have  encountered through my life also  comes maturity. Knowing now I take full responsibility for allowing myself to prevent me from becoming who I am destined to be. Placing the blame on anyone is pointless even though it’s common but you have to understand when you point and place blame on others, four fingers are always pointing back at you. (Keep in mind everything I speak on is from experience, in hopes you can use it to help yourself.) Everyone already knows you cannot travel back in time no matter how determine someone tries to but YOU CAN HOWEVER use it to write the next chapter of your life.

          Dwelling on the past only prevent you from dusting yourself off from past falls to distract you from your life’s actual purpose. Instead of constantly asking “WHY ME?” like I used to do. My question now is “WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?” I had to come to the realization that my purpose has to be earth shattering because as many times I have tried to end it, I am still against all odds here. Try looking at your life differently like myself and instead of allowing difficult situations to question your existence…ask for help in finding the purpose of it. Question yourself why every time you try nothing has worked but yet someone else can walk outside and that same person’s life can be taken so quickly without hesitation or solid reasoning behind it. Whatever their mission or purpose on earth has been filled but for the many others who want out but cannot  opt out despite their strong willed determination to. Our purpose is still out their desperately wanting to be found.
          In that same since after awhile of waving your white flag and allowing your tongue to continuously speak it into existence you will allow it to become your fate. When you think of the military, no matter the class; every individual that wants to join must first go through BOOT CAMP. In boot camp the military weed out the weak individuals from the strong individuals. They must show determination, discipline, mental as well as physical strength, and how the individual handle stressful situations; think about this…would you prefer the weak individuals to fight for your freedom and defend America or the individuals who despite everything that was thrown their way remained grounded and stable no matter how rocky their foundation became? The reason I am saying all of this is life is similar to the military because things are constantly thrown our way but instead of giving up acknowledge the fact you survived it while others sadly did not. Everything we face in life not only made us stronger but it also taught us to see the amount of strength we have locked up inside. When I listen to others complain about their situations…I can give my input and encouragement not to the assumption I have sympathy toward the person but I AM a living witness of surviving the very things that was meant to destroy me..I am still here and they can also make it out. Everyone has their share of problems but turning a negative into a positive is how you leave your footprint on the world.images-2

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