Better In Time


psychological-clock-time                                                When I start constantly thinking the normal “by this age I should be doing this or  that”.  Is it common to base my life progress and/or achievements by someone that’s the same age as me? So many people in general think just like I used to but I am here to tell you to STOP!!! What makes human beings so incredible is the fact that we march to our own beat and the only way our time stop is when we die. Keep in my mind people die on a daily basis and if you are able to allow the gift of more time….Embrace It…Treasure It….Count Your Blessings and keep pushing forward if not for you push forward for the individuals who sadly ran out of time.

It took me for a long time to learn how to be grateful for the life I am so blessed to have. The issue with depression is on the outside your smile starts to fade even though you are seriously trying to convince others around including yourself that everything is fine. The other problem I worked on is the ability to love myself without seeking the love of someone else. How can I begin to search for love when I had trouble loving my own self? One of the greatest quotes I ever read is “Hurt people, Hurt people” and my translation on this quote is you cannot be able to heal someone else before healing yourself.

Searching for love in all the wrong places will cause you even more pain without allowing yourself to take the necessary steps needed to begin your own self detox and healing in hopes you will in time learn to love yourself to the point other validations from others are no longer needed. I would look at my past pictures trying to figure out how I could allow temporary situations impact my life permanently with no hesitation. Yes, indeed my problems were humongous to me but I gave the power to my situation. Once you relinquish the power to a issue, person, group of individuals, or to anything that can weigh you down…you lost the fight but please understand as long as you are able to wake up the next morning….That’s a sign from God (like the rainbow) you may think because you lost the fight you most definitely hold the power to win the war….Hope is there even if you can’t see, hear, or feel it. Having faith is others is alright but having faith in yourself and the higher you believe in is amazing. Sometimes I still sit and wonder at my own accomplishments because I may not be at the place someone my age would be at and truthfully I am wholeheartedly ok with it. Here’s my reason behind *MY* why though…I know how far I came and because of that reason alone I have absolutely no choice but to be grateful! Judging your accomplishments by someone else’s that…..

1. Never walked in your shoes personally

2. Cannot deal with your emotions because you are 1 in a million



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