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LEMONADE WITH A TWIST *short & sweet*

Have you ever heard of the expression “When life gives you lemons make LEMONADE”? I recall hearing this all throughout my childhood which in fact sent tons of lemons my way if I may add but instead of making regular lemonade I decided to make my unique Lemonade with a twist🍹. Reason being no one on this earth is the same even though we may have similar problems to work through and with that said each individual person will put their own unique ingredients into their lemonade. It doesn’t matter what type of lemonade you choose to make because as long as you are a able to turn something that’s meant to be sore and intolerable into something that you don’t mind managing.

It’s a million and one ways to make a sore situation into something positive. Each new day you are blessed to see is evidence of it because you can try a brand new approach that didn’t quite workout the way desire it to the morning before. The possibilities are endless and the more you change up your approach to difficult situations or when it comes to making lemonade out of lemons… changing up the ingredients to adhere to taste you are attempting to execute for your liking anything is possible! Nothing is set in stone so if the first batch isn’t holding up quite to your standards, by all means CHANGE IT. It is truly that simple!

Here’s some much needed “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”…

Enjoy & Make The Best Out Of Every Negative Situation Life Sends In Your Direction!

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