To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern,

The reason for this letter today is simply a plea for mercy which is ironic because THIS IS THE VULNERABLE STATE DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY LOVE FOR ME TO BE. Each time I manage to get back up on my feet here comes my depression shoving my ass back to the ground or instead of looking in the mirror every morning in delight, my depression somehow manages for myself to see every single imperfection I have magnetized to the highest degree. You see a confident woman which in fact is who I achieve to be but at times I careless about someone pointing out my strengths and would rather want someone who will just listen. NOT try and force me to see the things I already knows about myself in the same way you do. Opening up is by far one of the most difficult things for myself to do and if you screw up that opportunity chances are I will most likely steer far away from allowing that to ever happening again.

When the opportunity do present itself, here are a couple of guidelines to follow with me as well others too.

  1. Less talk more listening.
  2. Cracking jokes about anyone’s difficult delicate situation or circumstances is not the ideal icebreaker to open with.
  3. Avoid making promises you cannot keep.
  4. Most importantly again just listen without being judgemental or passive aggressive about my current mental state or about others hardships.
  5. Understand at anytime after my silence is not meant to tune you out but to tune myself back in.

At moments I can seem as though I am on the edge but rest insure that the tiny bit of light hidden inside will somehow lead me out of my gloomy headspace. Even with the smallest amount of faith miracles will pop out of nowhere. Just be a ear for me to express myself when times spiral out of control and speaking out is a form of releasing things that I have kept bottled up past their eviction date. I used to believe that staying to myself was the best option for me but now that I have experienced the pleasant side of humanity opening up to others is not such a bad thing. Yes, some moments will be easier than most but be patient with me if you will.


Unbreakable Queen

Writing letters is a great stress reliever especially when you are unable to tell someone your true feelings but have to get it out immediately. Put everything in a letter because technically you are still releasing everything from the inside and that may offer the relief you are on to find. On many occasions this method has indeed helped me and hopefully it can do the same for others too.

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