Monday-Sunday Inspiration


I used to hear the phrase “Limitations only exist in your mind” all throughout my childhood which has quietly drifted into my adulthood as well. As of late I have found myself trying to figure out what are a few limitations that I may have allowed to slow progress in life? When I had the chance to question others here are a few responses I was given down below👇

  • Wrong Love Interests
  • Daily Stressors
  • Negative Thoughts
  • Mental Illness
  • Negative Self Image
  • The Feeling Of Being Worthless
  • Not Succeeding The First Time
  • Financial Hard Times
  • Wanting Something To Take Place Overnight
  • Family Problems
  • Health Problems
  • Competition
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Loss of a Loved One

Can you name a few of your own📝?

Limitations only exist in our minds because if one solution doesn’t work there are many more that can be up next to try out. Don’t allow your mind to prevent you from reaching the goals you set out to achieve! Instead of seeing certain factors in your life as limitations, look at your life as limitless meaning nothing is impossible when it comes to YOU beating the odds in your life. Achieving your goals may not happen overnight but remember you will reach each one. The strength you have inside will overpower every obstacle that stands in your way and will continue to as long as you allow your strength to. One tiny secret I would love to share with whoever may have stumbled across this post is the fact that YOU ARE YOUR BIGGEST ASSET! Reason being, out of everyone on this planet there still remain only one of you and solely due to that important fact YOU ARE YOUR GREATEST & BIGGEST ASSET! Only you know how far you came and with that precious knowledge you also know how far you can push yourself to go, only you know how hard it was to overcome the limitations you conquered viciously in the past, and only you know for sure the motivation that convince you on the days that seem as if giving up is the only choice you have left to keep on going. Others can speculate and assume but the absolute truth comes from you and that is a powerful gift to have by your side through the storms and dark times.

It can be difficult when you are constantly getting knocked down every single time you have finally gotten back on your feet. While the disappointment of the situation can become overwhelming the most crucial part many overlook is *You were indeed able to successfully get back up again* and since you did it once before I can guarantee you that the chances of it happening again is definitely in your favor whether you want to accept it at this time or not. Limitations only exist when we give it the opportunity to and it took me a long time to fully understand that too myself.

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