Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety can be severe at times especially when you are already stressed out to the maximum of your capacity. It can be a lot to someone who feels as if the world is out to crush their spirit because who is truly there to really listen to you? Why should you reach out when it seems as if no one is there anyway? Feeling alone when you are not, is a terrible way of spending any amount of time throughout your day. Anxiety is a mind manipulator that can control your every waken thought if you lay down and allow it to but REMIND YOURSELF TO GET BACK UP!

Just like ANXIETY can happen to anyone DEPRESSION can affect anyone as well. DEPRESSION is something that many individuals suffer with which in fact is dispite popular belief is not something individuals wake up aspiring to be. Have you ever in life seen someone beyond beautiful to you with the top 2 common life successes STABILITY & INDEPENDENCE (plus the majority of others) but still are diagnosed with Depression? No amount of money or beauty can prevent someone from it and no amount of ridicule can stop the feeling.

  • Lady Gaga (Singer)

  • Ellen DeGeneres (Actress)

  • Wayne Bradley (Actor)

  • Brad Pitt (Actor)

JUST A FEW EXAMPLES TO NAMEđź“ť Depression can literally affect anyone so try not to feel ashamed by it. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel that is patiently waiting on your arrival so by all means rushing will not guarantee a breakthrough. One thing I am most certain about is everytime you are mentally or/and physically down to get back up because you are never 100% sure of the outcome. Even the smallest amount of chance should be taken into serious consideration and I fully understand how drastic it can seem but having Depression or Anxiety maybe even both is not the end. Having any kind of medical condition is not the end because you are the author of your book and have the ability to turn the page and write/create the next chapter you want for yourself. The story isn’t finish until you decide that it is with that said REMEMBER TO GET BACK UP!

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