Hello everyone this is my 2nd day of the "QUOTE CHALLENGE"! The oh so kind GaillovesGod nominated me so I will take on the challenge happily. 👑"A QUEEN NEVER REMOVES HER CROWN FOR ANYONE"👑 Every single morning when I first wake up I stare in the mirror and concentrate on my reflection. Do I look… Continue reading 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE



I truly believe that when you are off balance walking through life desperately struggling to not trip over your own two feet you will receive a SIGN to not lose site of the finish line that is directly straight ahead. GaillovesGod is the sign I needed at this very moment. ✒CHALLENGE ACCEPTED✒ The Quote I… Continue reading 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE

Monday-Sunday Inspiration, Story Time, VENTING

When You Think It’s Over…BUCKLE UP!

I am highly disappointed in myself for just stumbling on this REMARKABLE REAL LIFE STORY UNTIL NOW! Even though I am now just stumbling on I actually seeing it as one of my *SIGNS* and I am very blessed because of it. One of the most difficult feeling is when someone feels as if NO… Continue reading When You Think It’s Over…BUCKLE UP!


The Unique Blogger Award

THANK YOU SO MUCH Scarlettsbpdcorner for the nomination I am beyond grateful for it. She is a new blogger who speaks out about her Mental Health journey which I am extremely proud that she is letting her voice out by her creating this wonderful BLOG!   SHE HAS MANY DIFFERENT TALENTS PLEASE CHECK OUT HER PAGE👆 My Three… Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Do I…

For a long time I could not answer the question many ask themselves "DO I LOVE MYSELF ENOUGH?" Enough to love myself after having someone else mistreat me? Enough to refuse to accept anything less than what I know I deserve? Enough to settle? Enough to live unapologetically with or without the acceptance of others?… Continue reading Do I…