Insomnia Update

I wanted to do my own investigation because it seem as though this INSOMNIA hurdle is just beginning and I am O.K. with that knowledge. I wanted to believe that this is only beginning for me and having that knowledge should prepare me for what is coming next. Who would’ve thought that this is something I am ready to face head on without allowing certain opinions opt me out of doing what I need to do which is keep pushing forward even if it has many wide, narrow, and steep roads on it.

I want to be able to sleep on my own without any outside help whatsoever. Who knew that by adding my own ingredients in for a very long time I actually screwed up my natural balance and its going to a lot of hard work and determination to get my body back on track once again. This has in fact help me during this difficult time👇

“LET GO & LET GOD” is the common phrase we here and I agree with it all but for the hardheaded who are just like myself and need it to be put in the simplest form this can be used. If you want God to help you ALLOW him to do just that! I want to be able to sleep so what I must do is ALLOW him to do just that. “LET GO & LET GOD” is simple and something that I would hear but also let flow right back out. The one word that I missed was *ALLOW* and the one tiny phrase *TO WORK* so to be helpful I plugged that right on in to be able to help the next.

I have to remember to stay positive and grounded and when all else fails PRAY because I was able to sleep without help before even if I may not be able to remember the exact time and date of it. I have to also allow my body to stay up during the day in hope that I will fill a urge to go to bed at night and ACCEPT IT & GO!

This is a update with what is going on in my current life and I THANK EACH PERSON WHO TAKES THE TIME TO PASS BY! For those who may be new to my site check out my past post to see what my site is all about!