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Who does not like the gift of flowers? Some people would say “diamonds are the greatest gift to anyone” while many would love to receive diamonds but what can you give when diamonds are way out of a person’s price bracket? I would assume the gift of FLOWERS can work just as well. On many different occasions one can actually expect the gift FLOWERS and those occasions are

  • PROM

While some of those reasons listed above are positive moments, sadly enough others ARE NOT. Some give flowers to someone who has passed but the ironic part to me most didn’t give flowers to the individual while he/or she was still living!

I actually believe some gifts are much better to EXPERIENCE live, loud, and in COLOR. The type of flowers I am speaking of are TWO DIFFERENT TYPES. Which in fact one of them are known to many but I am uncertain about my second choice being as common as the first.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? *Tell me your thoughts below👂👇*

Why do many wait til the last moment when everything is too late to give the gift of flowers? The three special words “I LOVE YOU”are most appreciated hearing it with the ears of the person who it is actually meant for. Don’t allow the time to run out before giving the person your gift of flowers. What is preventing you now from giving someone NOW their gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Tomorrow is a day that everyone dreads while many wish they could have the opportunity to have a TOMORROW with someone who is no longer with him/or her presently. Your “flowers” can even be a phone call to START a much needed conversation from you to a certain person or a visit that you keep putting off for *TOMORROW* not thinking of the possibility that *TOMORROW* may not come for one or the other. In order for the gift of a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to be truly acknowledged and experienced both parties need to be present.

Please hear me correctly If you were not able to give someone FLOWERS because the person left before you could ever have the chance to and if you could, you most certainly would no questions ask. CONTINUE GIVING EACH PERSON YOUR GIFT OF FLOWERS💐! My focus is on those who have the space & opportunity but rather put it off until tomorrow.

To sum everything up all I am trying to say is if you have flowers to give “DO SO NOW vs. WAITING FOR TOMORROW”. Why wait if you have the space and opportunity to do so now?

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My view on the sensitive topic of SUICIDE is different from others and that is no actual problem because no two people are the same. Many individuals MAY have similar views but NO TWO PEOPLE HAVE THE EXACT SAME BRAIN, HEART, or DNA which in hindsight makes every single person who is walking on this earth *UNIQUE* no matter who may have told you differently. If you can find someone that is exactly the same as you, I have absolutely no problem admitting that my statement is false. *Tell me in down in the comments below👇📝*

In my opinion suicide is extremely a selfish act. Even though I have attempted the act on numerous occasions myself. Everytime I tried maturity taught me that I was acting in a selfish manner. Reason being when I attempted suicide the least of my concern was how it may affect the people around me. 👉DEPRESSION HAS THAT TYPE OF EFFECT OVER ONE’S MIND👈 At the time I could careless on how others may be affected by my choice, all I focused on was ending the pain I MYSELF WAS EXPERIENCING AT THE TIME. Which in fact was a very SELFISH move on my part! I recall when a close friend of mine decided to attempt it and succeeded which at first I felt guilt because our friendship ended before the attempt but as the days turned into weeks and so on I started feeling angry as hell because of the many broken lives left behind due to that one major selfish act.

Suicide is a topic I see at many different angles because I have played many roles in it. Experience is the greatest teacher in life because you can teach others by your personal experiences. Whether or not others will take your words to heart is solely up to him or her. The only thing you can do is be proud in the fact you gave each person a brand new outlook on their situation and that is the only thing you can truly do, honestly speaking. Everyone choose to live their own life in the manner each deem fit.

Have you ever heard the expression “Talking to you is as if I am talking to a BRICK WALL”? Basically, the person cannot get through to the other person even if they are directly in front of them. I have actually been able to be in both places in that particular scenario also. I was the hardheaded child who knew everything under the sun and no one could make me think differently until LIFE explained a hardheaded person can still have a soft backside. I have the bruises to show for it but I can guarantee I am not the only one who can show their bruises from having a hard head but a soft backside. EXPERIENCE IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST TEACHERS!

Furthermore I do not see suicide as a playful act to joke about because to be serious even though many DO in fact show others multiple signs before attempting it. Quite a few DO NOT and knowing that my pray is for society as a whole become extremely cautious with their words. Whose to say that your negative attitude won’t be the straw that break the camel’s back? It is not our job to read each other’s mind when no words have been said but it is OUR JOB TO TREAT EACH OTHER IN THE EXACT SAME MANNER AS WE WOULD WANT ANYONE TO TREAT US. For instance if you have a issue with someone cutting you off in mid sentence, why do it to someone else? If you dislike when someone lie to your face, why lie in someone else’s face or behind their back? If you hate a thief, why become one yourself? If you hate when someone throw your past negatively in your face, why do such a hateful act to someone else?



Let’s team up and help those who can relate to your personal Life’s novel and build each individual one UP vs. TEARING EACH ONE DOWN.




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I am a woman that can be brutally honest with her own self at certain points when others fail to be able to tell me the brutal God honest truth. You may wonder which way I am going with this so I will actually place this right HERE & BEGIN.

Through the years I have discovered that many people voice that they want to hear the truth but as soon not even a inch of it presents itself everything else can go straight to hell because the person cannot handle it at all. I recall the moment a long term ex of mine would tell me the “brutal truth” about if he was seeing someone else. Which in fact he was and told me the truth about it because I was the one who asked for it! Every time after I would ask and he would not answer because we both knew the TRUTH. Now when I actually think about the relationship between him and myself I cannot be made at him because 💡He did exactly as I asked no matter how badly I was in turmoil due to HIS TRUTH💡

I am far from perfect and instead of trying to be I much rather BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF ME THAT I CAN BE! I discovered that in order to want acceptance you must first ask your own self if you accept yourself before asking someone else.

You cannot expect others to accept certain things about yourself if you refuse to do it.

The things you do not like about yourself CHANGE IT! If you cannot change it figure out a way to LIVE UNAPOLOGETICALLY WITH IT! You must figure out away to live a freeing life because life is far too short to walk through it not being able to ACCEPT YOUR OWN TRUTH by ducking and dodging it when ever it seems like it may be near. That type of life is similar to the expression “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS”. Not only does it cause unneeded stress in your life but it sucks the fun out of EVERYTHING literally! (my experiences with this topic in my own life taught me this valuable lesson) It took me a very long time to accept myself for who I am and anything I had a problem with if I could not change it I taught myself to find a way to make the best out of it!


The truth can be hard to swallow but cannot be ignored for too long because it will eventually catch up to you sooner or later. Unless you decide to accept who you are do not expect others to do it FIRST!

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The Versatile Blogger Award

I am filled with joy because a great blogger gaillovesgod on 3-20-18 nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Her name alone speaks for itself because her father (who is my father as well) is her entire world and has no problem letting anyone around know. *CLICK ON HER NAME ABOVE 👆 TO CHECK OUT HER SITE!


THANK YOU AGAIN gaillovesgod for the nomination❤! Once again before I sign off click on her name to check out her amazing before you decide to do the same💻


My Life Journey


Magic In The Everyday

An English French bipolar blog


☕Participation is not required or timed…*FROM ME TO YOU* I see your unique abilities and proud to be given the opportunity to experience it first hand!☕

📹Please take it in account that there are far too many to name but *FROM ME TO YOU* I am proud to have the opportunity to experience your unique abilities as well!📹

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Hold On & Enjoy The View

Have you ever felt as if trying to stand up is a lost cause because every single attempt end up with life’s powerful wind strength knocking you back down once again? What’s the use, correct? It may seem like a never-ending ring-a-round ride that you want to hurry rush off of but what happens when you cannot do just that? Do you drive yourself insane when you are not able to control the very situations you so desperately want to? Do you start to allow the negativity to take your mind, body, and soul hostage (which in hindsight WILL MAKE THINGS SO MUCH WORSE)? The reason for my many questions is this👇

Everyone has their own share of hardships, low points, uncomfortable difficulties, painful moments, and overwhelming days but before letting go think of the many people that are looking up to you. By seeing you holding on YOU are giving each one “A Game Plan On Life” booklet to save for a rainy day. For the group of individuals who had a booklet to look back on when life became too much to navigate without a game plan to help. You were very fortunate to be gifted one and its only right to PAY-IT-FORWARD by giving others their own booklet. For the individuals who had no one to give him/or her a booklet look how far you have gotten without one already so why on earth would you want to let go NOW?

Allow the individuals who are watching you experience the same view as you by showing each one how to not only view it but keep holding on to experience the view continuously!


THANK YOU for pointing it out for me.


I want to have a serious conversation for a moment with everyone who is reading this. Do you understand that your site is the platform to reach out to the world and showcase your unique one of a kind ability? Your site is a one of kind from the moment you made the choice to set it up. Unless you give away your domain YOUR site unique and one of a kind CREATED JUST FOR YOU. If you decided to create it for your hobby, a specific cause you are strongly passionate about, a business you are just starting, or a business you already established and just want to generate more traffic to toward it. I want you to know that you have already won the competition if you are judging your social media platform vs. the social media platform of others. The moment you made the decision to create your site and did…YOU WON AUTOMATICALLY! Competition is no longer needed because your site is what sets you apart from others. Your domain cannot be duplicated by anyone else but YOU. 💡Think on what I just said💡


The next time you think of letting go look back and take a mental picture of every person that is looking at you then ask yourself one question “Which type of example do I truly want be in my lifetime and after it”? Before you decide to let go think of this post and hopefully you will tighten your grip!


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Today is the last day for the challenge and I want to thank Riddhima Penner 👈once again for nominating me for it. Click on her name to check out her site!

While I was sitting at my desk earlier today I decided to brainstorm on which quote I wanted to choose to post about today. Look below to see the WINNER 🏆👀📹

The reason behind why is actually quite simple because on many frequent occasions I truthfully have to tell me myself in the morning “SCREW IT AND JUST DO IT!” sometimes. As badly as I want to be lazy and stay in bed all day quite a few would be more than happy to have EMPLOYMENT to be able to pay their own bills at this time but do not have such a “gift” and yet I am a individual who actually HAVE IT…GET THE HECK UP! YES, depression does make it difficult at certain points but yet still “GET THE HECK UP”!

You can only have a pity party for so long and I refuse to be ungrateful for the things other only dream of having! Even though you may feel as if your life is so incredibly awful… until you make the attempt to change your situation yourself why would someone else want to change it for you? The very things we take for granted others across the world are begging to have a just a glimpse of having.

Many people (including myself) need to eat a couple of pieces of *HUMBLE PIE* while telling themselves to “Screw IT and Just Do IT”!

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3 Day Quote Challenge

One of my all-time favorite movies will have to be “Finding Nemo”.

Nemo was one of the main characters who was lost and his father with the help of a few others were trying to find him. Who on earth could forget about Dory? Her character was played out so well in which she came out with her OWN ENTIRE MOVIE AWAY FROM NEMO.

With that being said who can forget her special catch phrase “JUST KEEP SWIMMING”! I can recall that it went by the sound of that but if not please correct me if I am wrong down below👇💬.

The quote I have chosen for my DAY 2 goes along with Dory’s positive mindset but with a pinch of added anxiety and a dash of Depression. CHECK IT OUT BELOW📹🔎

I cannot speak for everyone that may be dealing with anxiety but for me I am actually the type of person who would forget everything I have ever learned and spaz out. I fully understand the point Dory was making in the movie “FINDING NEMO” but after seeing it from my personal view I actually found myself standing up in my room asking Dory “What if I forget how to swim…What should I do then“?

Once the movie ended I started thinking about what should I do if suddenly due to my anxiety I am unable to remember how swim. Dory has the type of personality that many would love to take a little of and mix with their own to create A NEW & IMPROVE UP-TO DATE VERSION OF THEMSELVES!