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Who does not like the gift of flowers? Some people would say “diamonds are the greatest gift to anyone” while many would love to receive diamonds but what can you give when diamonds are way out of a person’s price bracket? I would assume the gift of FLOWERS can work just as well. On many different occasions one can actually expect the gift FLOWERS and those occasions are

  • PROM

While some of those reasons listed above are positive moments, sadly enough others ARE NOT. Some give flowers to someone who has passed but the ironic part to me most didn’t give flowers to the individual while he/or she was still living!

I actually believe some gifts are much better to EXPERIENCE live, loud, and in COLOR. The type of flowers I am speaking of are TWO DIFFERENT TYPES. Which in fact one of them are known to many but I am uncertain about my second choice being as common as the first.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? *Tell me your thoughts belowπŸ‘‚πŸ‘‡*

Why do many wait til the last moment when everything is too late to give the gift of flowers? The three special words “I LOVE YOU”are most appreciated hearing it with the ears of the person who it is actually meant for. Don’t allow the time to run out before giving the person your gift of flowers. What is preventing you now from giving someone NOW their gorgeous bouquet of flowers? Tomorrow is a day that everyone dreads while many wish they could have the opportunity to have a TOMORROW with someone who is no longer with him/or her presently. Your “flowers” can even be a phone call to START a much needed conversation from you to a certain person or a visit that you keep putting off for *TOMORROW* not thinking of the possibility that *TOMORROW* may not come for one or the other. In order for the gift of a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to be truly acknowledged and experienced both parties need to be present.

Please hear me correctly If you were not able to give someone FLOWERS because the person left before you could ever have the chance to and if you could, you most certainly would no questions ask. CONTINUE GIVING EACH PERSON YOUR GIFT OF FLOWERSπŸ’! My focus is on those who have the space & opportunity but rather put it off until tomorrow.

To sum everything up all I am trying to say is if you have flowers to give “DO SO NOW vs. WAITING FOR TOMORROW”. Why wait if you have the space and opportunity to do so now?

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