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My view on the sensitive topic of SUICIDE is different from others and that is no actual problem because no two people are the same. Many individuals MAY have similar views but NO TWO PEOPLE HAVE THE EXACT SAME BRAIN, HEART, or DNA which in hindsight makes every single person who is walking on this earth *UNIQUE* no matter who may have told you differently. If you can find someone that is exactly the same as you, I have absolutely no problem admitting that my statement is false. *Tell me in down in the comments below👇📝*

In my opinion suicide is extremely a selfish act. Even though I have attempted the act on numerous occasions myself. Everytime I tried maturity taught me that I was acting in a selfish manner. Reason being when I attempted suicide the least of my concern was how it may affect the people around me. 👉DEPRESSION HAS THAT TYPE OF EFFECT OVER ONE’S MIND👈 At the time I could careless on how others may be affected by my choice, all I focused on was ending the pain I MYSELF WAS EXPERIENCING AT THE TIME. Which in fact was a very SELFISH move on my part! I recall when a close friend of mine decided to attempt it and succeeded which at first I felt guilt because our friendship ended before the attempt but as the days turned into weeks and so on I started feeling angry as hell because of the many broken lives left behind due to that one major selfish act.

Suicide is a topic I see at many different angles because I have played many roles in it. Experience is the greatest teacher in life because you can teach others by your personal experiences. Whether or not others will take your words to heart is solely up to him or her. The only thing you can do is be proud in the fact you gave each person a brand new outlook on their situation and that is the only thing you can truly do, honestly speaking. Everyone choose to live their own life in the manner each deem fit.

Have you ever heard the expression “Talking to you is as if I am talking to a BRICK WALL”? Basically, the person cannot get through to the other person even if they are directly in front of them. I have actually been able to be in both places in that particular scenario also. I was the hardheaded child who knew everything under the sun and no one could make me think differently until LIFE explained a hardheaded person can still have a soft backside. I have the bruises to show for it but I can guarantee I am not the only one who can show their bruises from having a hard head but a soft backside. EXPERIENCE IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST TEACHERS!

Furthermore I do not see suicide as a playful act to joke about because to be serious even though many DO in fact show others multiple signs before attempting it. Quite a few DO NOT and knowing that my pray is for society as a whole become extremely cautious with their words. Whose to say that your negative attitude won’t be the straw that break the camel’s back? It is not our job to read each other’s mind when no words have been said but it is OUR JOB TO TREAT EACH OTHER IN THE EXACT SAME MANNER AS WE WOULD WANT ANYONE TO TREAT US. For instance if you have a issue with someone cutting you off in mid sentence, why do it to someone else? If you dislike when someone lie to your face, why lie in someone else’s face or behind their back? If you hate a thief, why become one yourself? If you hate when someone throw your past negatively in your face, why do such a hateful act to someone else?



Let’s team up and help those who can relate to your personal Life’s novel and build each individual one UP vs. TEARING EACH ONE DOWN.





  1. A great sentiment and so true! Life would be so much better if we could all focus on the positive in others and ourselves rather than the negative. As for the subject of suicide – just this quote: “The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die”

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    1. Yes and by the way I am a fan of that quote as well. Thank you for bringing up that quote. It shows the one of the greatest strength to have! We all have our share of faults and what we plan on doing with them each one is solely up to us😉

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  2. I agree with you that it is the ultimate selfish act. So focused on whatever it is the person will actually blot out everything and everyone else. There is always something for which to be thankful. Always that glimmer of light. Always forgiveness, always God is there.

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  3. When I have been suicidal in the past, I tried to stop myself from acting because I didn’t want to negatively affect my family and others close to me. But eventually it got to the point that I felt I couldn’t keep living with that depth of pain solely for the sake of other people, and that was when I tried to take my own life.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time out to read and leave a comment on my post!💻 You don’t have to apologize because everyone has their own personal opinion and that is ok. It took me a long to time to understand it but at first I had absolutely no clue. Everyone intercepts things differently and that is the way now how I view it. Would I tell someone who is wanting to do the act that they are acting selfishly at the exact moment my answer is no because I know for a fact I would not accept hearing that when I was in those same shoes.


  4. I understand where you’re coming from but I do think it’s unfair to deem suicide as an utterly selfish act.
    First of all, everyone is ultimately selfish. We kind of have to be to survive.
    And selfishness is not bad.

    When we want someone to stay alive for us, regardless of their suffering, isn’t it selfish in our part too?
    Yes suicide will hurt the people around you if you feel utterly helpless won’t it be hard to notice the people around you. Maybe these are the same people that possible unknowingly left you feeling helpless.

    I think suicide is an act of ultimate helplessness.

    Labeling it as selfish or anything else can go the wrong way. I could say yeah I am selfish , all the more reason to kill myself. And it also gives selfishness a bad rep. Selfishness with the right intentions can be a good thing.

    I love that you are up for having a conversation and that is what we can do. Not label it, not criticize it but acknowledge that people get driven to that extent and how we can let those around us know that if the thought ever crossed their minds they are not alone, they can reach out and get judgment free help.

    And for us who contemplate and attempt suicide to know that even though it looks like the only way out, no matter what situation we find ourselves in there are many other ways out of whatever is troubling us. And we need to find the strength to pick and like our lives in a way that we can be happy.

    Sorry, for the massive post

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    1. No, apology is needed I welcome all comments on this post as well as every other post I have made on my site and I “THANK YOU” for taking the time out of your day to read my post and also for commenting on it💛.
      My response to you is this how is it unfair for myself to deem the act of suicide as selfish when it’s my actual personal opinion on the topic? Would I say it to someone that is currently going through it as we speak NO because when I myself was going through it I know for a fact that my ears was clogged up at the time. When I say the act is selfish this is something that took me a very long time to realize for myself. Is it possible for two people to walk outside and view the exact same sky differently? One may see light blue while the other person see grey and that is the amazing part about being unique and one in a million, no one will see things the exact same way as you. Each person can view things differently but one thing most can agree on is connecting with others by using our own experiences to help and motivate others who may actually be battling something similar to us. 🌞


        1. I can truly understand your point please correct me if I am wrong but by me saying that those individuals are selfish which one may so be reading this right now, to those individuals I am saying to them that the feelings they may be feeling at this time is selfish? If thats correct I do actually see your point and I do thank you for pointing it out for me. I do understand how this topic can look but to be brutally honest I am very glad to be able to have someone like you to be able to openly communicate your point to me.


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