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My view on the sensitive topic of SUICIDE is different from others and that is no actual problem because no two people are the same. Many individuals MAY have similar views but NO TWO PEOPLE HAVE THE EXACT SAME BRAIN, HEART, or DNA which in hindsight makes every single person who is walking on this earth *UNIQUE* no matter who may have told you differently. If you can find someone that is exactly the same as you, I have absolutely no problem admitting that my statement is false. *Tell me in down in the comments below👇📝*

In my opinion suicide is extremely a selfish act. Even though I have attempted the act on numerous occasions myself. Everytime I tried maturity taught me that I was acting in a selfish manner. Reason being when I attempted suicide the least of my concern was how it may affect the people around me. 👉DEPRESSION HAS THAT TYPE OF EFFECT OVER ONE’S MIND👈 At the time I could careless on how others may be affected by my choice, all I focused on was ending the pain I MYSELF WAS EXPERIENCING AT THE TIME. Which in fact was a very SELFISH move on my part! I recall when a close friend of mine decided to attempt it and succeeded which at first I felt guilt because our friendship ended before the attempt but as the days turned into weeks and so on I started feeling angry as hell because of the many broken lives left behind due to that one major selfish act.

Suicide is a topic I see at many different angles because I have played many roles in it. Experience is the greatest teacher in life because you can teach others by your personal experiences. Whether or not others will take your words to heart is solely up to him or her. The only thing you can do is be proud in the fact you gave each person a brand new outlook on their situation and that is the only thing you can truly do, honestly speaking. Everyone choose to live their own life in the manner each deem fit.

Have you ever heard the expression “Talking to you is as if I am talking to a BRICK WALL”? Basically, the person cannot get through to the other person even if they are directly in front of them. I have actually been able to be in both places in that particular scenario also. I was the hardheaded child who knew everything under the sun and no one could make me think differently until LIFE explained a hardheaded person can still have a soft backside. I have the bruises to show for it but I can guarantee I am not the only one who can show their bruises from having a hard head but a soft backside. EXPERIENCE IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S GREATEST TEACHERS!

Furthermore I do not see suicide as a playful act to joke about because to be serious even though many DO in fact show others multiple signs before attempting it. Quite a few DO NOT and knowing that my pray is for society as a whole become extremely cautious with their words. Whose to say that your negative attitude won’t be the straw that break the camel’s back? It is not our job to read each other’s mind when no words have been said but it is OUR JOB TO TREAT EACH OTHER IN THE EXACT SAME MANNER AS WE WOULD WANT ANYONE TO TREAT US. For instance if you have a issue with someone cutting you off in mid sentence, why do it to someone else? If you dislike when someone lie to your face, why lie in someone else’s face or behind their back? If you hate a thief, why become one yourself? If you hate when someone throw your past negatively in your face, why do such a hateful act to someone else?



Let’s team up and help those who can relate to your personal Life’s novel and build each individual one UP vs. TEARING EACH ONE DOWN.




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Why Quit On Yourself?

Today was a very tough moment for myself…Let me explain WHY”!

Throughout my evening I had a friend of mine confide in me that he seriously want to end everything and commit suicide. The fact that I myself have tried on many occasions to end my life & despite how I may SEEM to the outside world that I have it all together HONESTLY I DO NOT! Unknown to the people around me I am a work in progress. If it had not been for God, my closest friends, and my family that prays on my behalf I do not have any idea where on earth I would be. Despite the countless attempts to let go God showed me that much more incredible things are destined to happen in terms of my life. 
When it comes to helping someone to break away from thinking suicide is their only option I have to acknowledge that just for my friend to call my phone to vent about everything was *HIS CRY FOR HELP* . For example the friend I lost years ago to suicide she actually post a cryptic message on social media telling everyone she missed her father and soon she will be reunited with him. To the followers she had no personal ties to would see nothing at all wrong with the post BUT to the followers who are familiar with her on a intimate level would quickly question the post because her father passed many years back. How could she be with him soon? Living states away, unless she is speaking on visiting his gravesite…Even then I would ask her in order to have clarification on behalf of what she meant by it. 
I constantly hear after someone commit suicide “I do not understand he/or she would do such a thing, there was no signs indicating their actions” . Truth be everyone  that does in fact show signs indicating the warnings but no one can actually see the sign because there are many different ones to acknowledge. 

To make it simple, if your gut is telling you something is not quite right *TRUST IT AND REACH OUT*! The common signs are 

  • Isolation from friends & family
  • Dark messages on social media
  • Out of the blue apologies for past mistakes and asking forgiveness
  • Messing around with dangerous items or asking questions about how much medication will it take for someone to die from it 

It is very common to let certain signs pass by ignoring someone’s cry for help when it’s silent and has no volume behind it. JUST SIT BACK & OBSERVE & REACH OUT BEFORE IT BECOMES TOO LATE. My friend reached out and with no hesitaion I responded. 

I know for a fact I cannot save everyone but here’s where society comes into play! If we all work together, eventually we CAN make a huge impact on the world helping one individual at a time. I myself, will help anyone stranger or not. I wouldn’t wish that type of feeling even on my worst enemy (despite the fact I have none). To hate someone takes too much energy and I refuse to allow hate waste valuable time I cannot take back. 

How valuable is yours? Trust and believe nothing good can come from HATE.