3 Day Quote Challenge

One of my all-time favorite movies will have to be “Finding Nemo”.

Nemo was one of the main characters who was lost and his father with the help of a few others were trying to find him. Who on earth could forget about Dory? Her character was played out so well in which she came out with her OWN ENTIRE MOVIE AWAY FROM NEMO.

With that being said who can forget her special catch phrase “JUST KEEP SWIMMING”! I can recall that it went by the sound of that but if not please correct me if I am wrong down below👇💬.

The quote I have chosen for my DAY 2 goes along with Dory’s positive mindset but with a pinch of added anxiety and a dash of Depression. CHECK IT OUT BELOW📹🔎

I cannot speak for everyone that may be dealing with anxiety but for me I am actually the type of person who would forget everything I have ever learned and spaz out. I fully understand the point Dory was making in the movie “FINDING NEMO” but after seeing it from my personal view I actually found myself standing up in my room asking Dory “What if I forget how to swim…What should I do then“?

Once the movie ended I started thinking about what should I do if suddenly due to my anxiety I am unable to remember how swim. Dory has the type of personality that many would love to take a little of and mix with their own to create A NEW & IMPROVE UP-TO DATE VERSION OF THEMSELVES!

6 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge”

  1. That was awesome! While I was going to say quietly to myself “I miss swimming! I so wish I could!” You surprised me with floating! And technically right now I cannot even float (I am talking literally because of pool therapy), I am not even allowed in the water for right now because of other health issues, but without having to say a word out loud (because I wanted to be encouraging not depressing) God STILL spoke through you with Keep Trying because He knew! 🙂 You two make me smile! 🙂

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