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The 3 Day Quote Challenge

Today marks my 3rd day in the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Thank you so much 👉 iscriblr👈 for nominating me. If you have missed out on my last two days I am more than happy to recap for the individuals who missed out.



Now that everyone is all caught up, I can now begin on my final Day of the challenge! My quote for today is “With each new day do not strive to be better than someone else, strive to be a brand new version of yourself than you were the day before.”

When it comes to this quote the reason why I decided to create it because I want everyone to understand it is ok to be yourself without allowing the opinion of others to crush your uniqueness. Everyone has a special gift that ONLY YOU can share with the world around you because even IF someone has a similar gift as you please understand there is ONLY ONE OF YOU! Due to that critical factor that is the reason why your given gift is your own and cannot be stolen or duplicated. I have written on many different occasions that competition is not necessary at all because you have automatically won by default. The day that you came into this world was also the exact moment when you won! JUST FOCUS SOLELY ON BEING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF EACH NEW DAY YOU SEE. Reason being that trying to go back in time is pointless and cannot be done regardless how much you may try. My quote from DAY 2 speaks on my personal belief that you can allow your fears to keep parked in life or you can drive forward. *If I thought someone could put themselves in reverse in LIFE (myself included) I would have mentioned it.* Since I have no proof of time traveling I prefer to concentrate on the things I actually do know which what I believe from my personal experiences.

Life is designed to teach each person a magnitude of different lessons so that we can use it correctly next time in our near or far future. Not so we can go back and fix our mistakes. If that was indeed the point, we would also erase the lesson that was taught DUE TO THE MISTAKE AS WELL! The lessons that life has taught us are designed to teach person valuable lessons in hope we can Pay-IT-FORWARD and help others who may have similarities with our lives. Some my accept it while others may not but at the end of the day SMILE because you went it with good intentions and left with even more.

My nominees

Patrick Stories


Magic In The Everyday

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3 Day Quote Challenge

This my DAY 2 of the quote challenge which iscriblr 👈was so gracious enough to nominate me for! Her site is well worth scrolling past and checking out right now if you are reading this because I highly doubt you will be disappointed by with site. Click on her name above to transfer over to her site and while you are at it say “HI” also.

The quote that I have chosen for today is along the same lines as the quote I chose for yesterday 👉click here for a refresher 👈. Sometime a little more motivation is greatly needed or a added bonus for the motivation you already have. Either way it’s a WIN-WIN situation SO WHY NOT RECEIVE IT WHEN IT’S FREE OF CHARGE?

Today my quote is ” I am no longer in parked by my fears in life but instead determined to progress forward successfully because of them”! Have you ever met someone who allowed their fears to pull off the road and remain parked because of them? I WAS ONE✋! The way my mind worked at the time if things became too scary or overwhelming I would allow my FEARS effect my progress in a negative manner. If you recall the movie that fact came out in the 1990’s titled “The Matrix”?

*👆I do not own this picture in no way click the picture to go to the owner’s site👆*

In the movie the character named Morpheus ask the character Neo to choose between the RED pill vs. the BLUE pill.

💡What I received from that minor part of the movie is this💡IN LIFE EVERYTHING BOILS DOWN TO OUR PERSONAL CHOICES. The moment I realized that viable part of information I no longer could allow my fears to keep me in park when it comes to my life! The familiar quote which states “When you know better, DO BETTER” explains exactly why I could no longer allow my fears keep me in park when it deals with my progression in life. Since I know better now, I have no other choice but to DO BETTER & MY HOPE IS FOR THIS QUOTE TO HELP MOTIVATE SOMEONE ELSE TOO!

My nominees for today are


Me On Focus


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3 Day Quote Challenge

I was nominated today for the 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE by iscriblr👈. Thank you so much for nominating me which is extremely kind of you to do! If you love to read about life hacks fashion, beauty tips, and much more click on her name above and check out site! Even if not still click on her name above to check out her wonderful site! Believe me you will not regret it at all💻. In other words CHALLENGE ACCEPTED iscriblr📝.

I am a positive individual who refuse to let my circumstances stop me from going after what I want and desire others to adopt that type of mentality as well. Just because something is standing in your way *DO YOU STOP PROGRESSING FORWARD*? For myself the answer is a flat out “NO”! I will find a way to get to the destination I desire for myself one way or another and my hope is for others to find a way to their desire destination as well. Why should I stop dancing just because the music suddenly stop? If the music refuse to turn back on despite my attempts to fix it so that it will and the urge I have to dance is still extremely present. WHY SHOULD I NOT DANCE WITHOUT MUSIC? A problem will only prevent you from doing something if you allow. IF YOU CANNOT CHANGE A PROBLEM FIGURE OUT A WAY TO WORK THROUGH, AROUND, OR WITH IT!


Riddhima Penner



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Today is the last day for the challenge and I want to thank Riddhima Penner 👈once again for nominating me for it. Click on her name to check out her site!

While I was sitting at my desk earlier today I decided to brainstorm on which quote I wanted to choose to post about today. Look below to see the WINNER 🏆👀📹

The reason behind why is actually quite simple because on many frequent occasions I truthfully have to tell me myself in the morning “SCREW IT AND JUST DO IT!” sometimes. As badly as I want to be lazy and stay in bed all day quite a few would be more than happy to have EMPLOYMENT to be able to pay their own bills at this time but do not have such a “gift” and yet I am a individual who actually HAVE IT…GET THE HECK UP! YES, depression does make it difficult at certain points but yet still “GET THE HECK UP”!

You can only have a pity party for so long and I refuse to be ungrateful for the things other only dream of having! Even though you may feel as if your life is so incredibly awful… until you make the attempt to change your situation yourself why would someone else want to change it for you? The very things we take for granted others across the world are begging to have a just a glimpse of having.

Many people (including myself) need to eat a couple of pieces of *HUMBLE PIE* while telling themselves to “Screw IT and Just Do IT”!

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3 Day Quote Challenge

One of my all-time favorite movies will have to be “Finding Nemo”.

Nemo was one of the main characters who was lost and his father with the help of a few others were trying to find him. Who on earth could forget about Dory? Her character was played out so well in which she came out with her OWN ENTIRE MOVIE AWAY FROM NEMO.

With that being said who can forget her special catch phrase “JUST KEEP SWIMMING”! I can recall that it went by the sound of that but if not please correct me if I am wrong down below👇💬.

The quote I have chosen for my DAY 2 goes along with Dory’s positive mindset but with a pinch of added anxiety and a dash of Depression. CHECK IT OUT BELOW📹🔎

I cannot speak for everyone that may be dealing with anxiety but for me I am actually the type of person who would forget everything I have ever learned and spaz out. I fully understand the point Dory was making in the movie “FINDING NEMO” but after seeing it from my personal view I actually found myself standing up in my room asking Dory “What if I forget how to swim…What should I do then“?

Once the movie ended I started thinking about what should I do if suddenly due to my anxiety I am unable to remember how swim. Dory has the type of personality that many would love to take a little of and mix with their own to create A NEW & IMPROVE UP-TO DATE VERSION OF THEMSELVES!

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I am honored to be nominated once again for the 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE! This time around another great blogger that goes by the name of 👉Riddhima Penner👈 was so gracious enough to nominate me for the challenge. Click on her name above☝ to check her site out👀. Her site is amazing if I may say so myself…don’t just take my word for it GO SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Let’s jump right into it! My first quote for day one is👇

In the past I was the type of person who would allow setbacks to convince me that trying again was not worth it at all. By not trying again I actually sabotaged my own progress in life. I did blame others for why my life is not moving at the pace I thought it should be. Someone once told me “Every time you point at someone, secretly another finger is pointing back at you”. The reason behind why I made the choice to start the challenge off with this particular quote is I want to help others stop allowing miniature setbacks disrupt their life to the point of becoming paralyze permanently because of the setbacks that maybe hard to swallow and face head on. I would like for anyone who may be reading this answer a few questions for me if you may…


DO NOT ALLOW MINOR SETBACKS TO DESTROY YOUR CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF! Even though we may WANT things to happen overnight the reality of everything is basically it has a very slim chance of not happening that quickly. If you are able to weather the storm and keep the same energy of knocking down every single door that refuses to open up for you! 💡THINGS WILL HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO WORK IN YOUR FAVOR BECAUSE YOUR DETERMINATION IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!💡People give up all the time to the point of it being the “NORM” in our today society. We all want to stand out in the world as your OWN individual person, correct? HOW ABOUT WE STAND OUT BY REFUSING TO ALLOW OUR SETBACKS GET THE BEST OF US BY GIVING UP ON OURSELVES INDEFINITELY?

  • Stand out by knocking each locked door off the hinges!
  • Stand out by not accepting defeat!
  • Stand out by refusing to hear the word “NO”!
  • Stand out by always walking in FAITH & not by SIGHT!
  • Stand out by showing your doubters (after proving to yourself) that it CAN and WILL be done!
  • Stand out by showing the world doubting YOU was a humongous mistake!
  • Stand out by achieving everything you have set out to do!
  • Stand out by jumping back up each time life has knocked you down!
  • Stand out by killing each hateful person you cross paths with KINDNESS with a the biggest smile that person has ever seen.


Riddhima Penner be honest how did I do? Thank you once again for the nomination!







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I am a little bit behind So Let’s Jump Straight Into It…SHALL WE?!

“Everything in life is either meant to be a blessing or a learning lesson.” *The choice is yours to determine which one falls into which category.*

  • Graduating from high school is viewed to many as a blessing🙏
  • Giving birth to your first child is also viewed as a BLESSING🙏
  • Being someone’s husband or wife is always viewed as a BLESSING🙏
  • Purchasing your first car, house, apartment, and/or condo is also viewed as a BLESSING🙏
  • Getting your first job is also viewed as a BLESSING🙏
  • Being able to financially able to take care of your entire family is viewed as a BLESSING🙏
  • Graduating from college and receiving your Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and/or Doctorate’s degree is viewed as a BLESSING🙏
  • Being able to celebrate your accomplishment with others who support & have pushed you to succeed is viewed as a BLESSING🙏

That all sounds amazing because it truly is but what about the things that drove you to get to the point where you are at today? Everyone has the choice of deciding to view a difficult situation in their life as a lesson in order to learn from it and guide you straight into the goal that you desperately want to achieve. The ball is in your court to make it happen! If you choose to crumble & quit because it failed many times before THAT IS STILL UP TO YOU AS WELL!

Quite often we become envious of others that actually do succeed in life dismissing the fact that WE ALSO HAD THE EXACT SAME CHOICE BUT INSTEAD OF LEARNING FROM IT like he/or she we allowed it to keep us in parked permanently.

Sometimes we stop our own blessings from happening by not putting in the right amount of WORK in order to make it happen. While the ones who have put in the work receive all of the benefits because he/or she has. I have a few explains of what I am trying to get across to whoever may be reading this📚

  1. Try to see things in a positive light even if you have to squint extremely hard to be able to👀
  2. At times it’s perfectly alright to not only step out of the BOX but try different angles after you do⬜
  3. Avoid trying to prove things to others when you are still trying to prove it to yourself📹
  4. The only competitor you have is the person you see everytime you are in front the mirror💠
  5. We only show what we want others to see. In other words you may “think” you want someone else’s life but you don’t SEE EVERYTHING to be ❔brutally honest❔🔎
  6. Focus on living the best life that YOU KNOW IS MADE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU👣

📹Let’s Recap📹