3 Day Quote Challenge

This my DAY 2 of the quote challenge which iscriblr 👈was so gracious enough to nominate me for! Her site is well worth scrolling past and checking out right now if you are reading this because I highly doubt you will be disappointed by with site. Click on her name above to transfer over to her site and while you are at it say “HI” also.

The quote that I have chosen for today is along the same lines as the quote I chose for yesterday 👉click here for a refresher 👈. Sometime a little more motivation is greatly needed or a added bonus for the motivation you already have. Either way it’s a WIN-WIN situation SO WHY NOT RECEIVE IT WHEN IT’S FREE OF CHARGE?

Today my quote is ” I am no longer in parked by my fears in life but instead determined to progress forward successfully because of them”! Have you ever met someone who allowed their fears to pull off the road and remain parked because of them? I WAS ONE✋! The way my mind worked at the time if things became too scary or overwhelming I would allow my FEARS effect my progress in a negative manner. If you recall the movie that fact came out in the 1990’s titled “The Matrix”?

*👆I do not own this picture in no way click the picture to go to the owner’s site👆*

In the movie the character named Morpheus ask the character Neo to choose between the RED pill vs. the BLUE pill.

💡What I received from that minor part of the movie is this💡IN LIFE EVERYTHING BOILS DOWN TO OUR PERSONAL CHOICES. The moment I realized that viable part of information I no longer could allow my fears to keep me in park when it comes to my life! The familiar quote which states “When you know better, DO BETTER” explains exactly why I could no longer allow my fears keep me in park when it deals with my progression in life. Since I know better now, I have no other choice but to DO BETTER & MY HOPE IS FOR THIS QUOTE TO HELP MOTIVATE SOMEONE ELSE TOO!

My nominees for today are


Me On Focus


8 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge”

  1. This is awesome!!! Love it! 🙂
    Haha, my huz always talks about the “red pill” and “blue pill” whenever we are out shopping and I am confused between what to buy! 😉

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