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The 3 Day Quote Challenge

Today marks my 3rd day in the 3 Day Quote Challenge. Thank you so much 👉 iscriblr👈 for nominating me. If you have missed out on my last two days I am more than happy to recap for the individuals who missed out.



Now that everyone is all caught up, I can now begin on my final Day of the challenge! My quote for today is “With each new day do not strive to be better than someone else, strive to be a brand new version of yourself than you were the day before.”

When it comes to this quote the reason why I decided to create it because I want everyone to understand it is ok to be yourself without allowing the opinion of others to crush your uniqueness. Everyone has a special gift that ONLY YOU can share with the world around you because even IF someone has a similar gift as you please understand there is ONLY ONE OF YOU! Due to that critical factor that is the reason why your given gift is your own and cannot be stolen or duplicated. I have written on many different occasions that competition is not necessary at all because you have automatically won by default. The day that you came into this world was also the exact moment when you won! JUST FOCUS SOLELY ON BEING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF EACH NEW DAY YOU SEE. Reason being that trying to go back in time is pointless and cannot be done regardless how much you may try. My quote from DAY 2 speaks on my personal belief that you can allow your fears to keep parked in life or you can drive forward. *If I thought someone could put themselves in reverse in LIFE (myself included) I would have mentioned it.* Since I have no proof of time traveling I prefer to concentrate on the things I actually do know which what I believe from my personal experiences.

Life is designed to teach each person a magnitude of different lessons so that we can use it correctly next time in our near or far future. Not so we can go back and fix our mistakes. If that was indeed the point, we would also erase the lesson that was taught DUE TO THE MISTAKE AS WELL! The lessons that life has taught us are designed to teach person valuable lessons in hope we can Pay-IT-FORWARD and help others who may have similarities with our lives. Some my accept it while others may not but at the end of the day SMILE because you went it with good intentions and left with even more.

My nominees

Patrick Stories


Magic In The Everyday


What can I say about myself? I spent alot of my life in a shell afraid to come out and see what the world can really offer me. Today, I am proud enough to allow my life lessons help others. So if you you are having difficulties with Depression, wanting to run away from everything, tired of constantly getting hurt, have a huge misunderstanding of the bumping road that life keep throwing your way, feel hopeless about your future, and maybe just wish life would give you a break already...I created my blog for you...

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