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A Pinch Of Some Much Needed Inspiration

Another fellow blogger iscriblr asked yesterday if I wanted to have some more quote FUN and here it is…also stroll by her site and say “HI”!

I don’t know about others but the most exciting phrase to me is when someone underestimate my determination to succeed in every goal I set for myself. One of my greatest role models said it best.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines within.” Maya Angelou

This speaks directly to my soul which informs me that the light around me will never compare to the light inside of me and just because the odds seem to be against me, no person that is walking on this EARTH has the power to dim my light inside.

*I do not own this picture click on the picture to go to the site where I found it from*

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

I believe in his quote because if you want a promising future for yourself how else are you going to do so? If you want to be happy you have to discover or return to what was able to cause you to be happy! Everything starts with you knocking the first domino over to begin the chain reaction. Nothing will take off properly without you FIRST igniting the flame to start.



What can I say about myself? I spent alot of my life in a shell afraid to come out and see what the world can really offer me. Today, I am proud enough to allow my life lessons help others. So if you you are having difficulties with Depression, wanting to run away from everything, tired of constantly getting hurt, have a huge misunderstanding of the bumping road that life keep throwing your way, feel hopeless about your future, and maybe just wish life would give you a break already...I created my blog for you...

15 thoughts on “A Pinch Of Some Much Needed Inspiration

  1. Anyone how has never made a mistakes has never tried anything new.
    I have done quick a lot in my life. Got emotional scares as remind of things I tried. Yet still planing to on a new one. Oh my life.

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