I truly believe that when you are off balance walking through life desperately struggling to not trip over your own two feet you will receive a SIGN to not lose site of the finish line that is directly straight ahead. GaillovesGod is the sign I needed at this very moment.


The Quote I Chosen For Today👇


I have always heard of others saying that “I am made for this!” which many can agree that he or she possibly were. Everyone has a given talent that only that ONE INDIVIDUAL is meant to share with the world. The special talent that you possess cannot be duplicated by anyone else because your gift was CAREFULLY CRAFTED FOR ONLY YOU! That is your talent to show the world and because of that alone YOU ARE A REAL-LIFE MASTERPIECE.

Have you noticed how many people are so fascinated by natural earth disasters? Even after knowing how much destruction may come due to it, a few will take the risk just to be able to see a tiny glimpse of it. Is it possible to be a beautiful disaster? I honestly believe so because who can say that the storm is hideous but who’s to say that same exact is beautiful? Even if a storm can be compared to another one little particle can make it stand out from the rest and the exact same thing applies to each and every storm that comes after.

Each storm was carefully crafted and even though a few may be similar to another each one has something that set it apart from the other. One side may see it as BEAUTIFUL while the other side see it as HIDEOUS. The one most important factor that will always remain is the fact that it will never be exactly identical to another because it has one minor particle that neither the storms before it have had and the storms after will be able to have.

8 thoughts on “3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE”

  1. I don’t how I missed this when I have been trying to watch for them. I am so sorry!
    I am so glad God was so personal for you! That is so like His great love!
    He does use you mightily, just as He has again in those post!
    Powerful and beautiful quote, as are the pictures! Wow!
    Me and God love you!

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