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Let’s Talk

Who wouldn’t want to be a real life Super Hero totally prepared to swoop right down and save the day? Sounds unrealistic? What if I told you the key points to make your unrealistic dream into REALITY? I have discovered lately that even with MYSELF I actually stop my own progress with thinking negative about any situation I am placed in. Have you ever heard of someone saying that he/or she stopped before even getting started?👉 ME, ME, & STILL ME AGAIN👈 I would prevent myself from moving forward before ever shifting gears out of park. Most times in my case I became so *used* to it that I would do unexpectedly. When expressing myself to others the majority of them could also relate to doing the same exact thing in their life also.

During my childhood I was taught that “THERE’S POWER IN NUMBERS” and yet still I believe in the strength of numbers. If you cannot understand where I coming from check out my examples down below👇

  • #ME TOO





NEED I SAY MORE📣….. THERE IS SO MUCH STRENGTH IN NUMBERS🔢 I prefer to lift up others vs. knocking someone who is already down even lower. No matter how awful I was treated, I refuse to treat him/or her how I was treated. Sounds hilarious right? Hopefully, if you are reading this you will decide to do the same. The smallest gesture can transform someone’s entire life. The “PAY-IT-FORWARD” motto I live by can be done all throughout your life span non-stop! Do not just take my word for it GIVE IT A TRY & TELL ME THE OUTCOME FROM IT! I hear quite often that he/or she has lost themselves and the one question I ask in response is “What is stopping you from finding yourself again?” By someone admitting that he or she has lost who the person was once before (which is very hard for anyone to realize) the hardest part is already conquered and finding who you are is not turning around and walking backwards but using the lessons that you was taught in order to reinvent and become a new and improve version of yourself while moving forward to the finish line🏁. The key that I have learned and adapted to is to be able to use the mistakes in my past to help shape myself for the greatness I *WILL* have in my future!

A few helpful tips of mine I would love to share with anyone who may be reading this…CHECKOUT BELOW👇🔎

Change outI CAN” for “I WILL” & eventually you can see how quickly it will automatically change into “I HAVE” and “I DID”!

Answer only to the names that YOU HAVE NO PROBLEM ANSWERING TO! If someone is calling you a name you do not agree with DO NOT ANSWER & IGNORE. Chances are either the person will change the name quickly or become fed up and switch up the name further down the line in order to make you to respond. One of my all-time favorite sayings is👉 “IT’S NOT WHAT THEY CALL YOU BUT WHAT YOU ANSWER TO THAT MATTERS!”👈 Everything doesn’t deserve a response or your attention because life is far too short to waste valuable time on something that doesn’t have real value.

The life we are living at this very moment counts for right now as well as for the future we have tomorrow. Do not waste your time and also do not waste the time of others.

If you want happiness create your own vs. waiting for someone to make it for you!

Getting back up after you have fallen is a decision you have to make *FOR YOURSELF BY YOURSELF*!

You cannot want results when you are not willing to do the WORK in order receive the results you crave.

My few tips I wanted to share and in the spirit of PAYING-IT-FORWARD I would like to hear some tips from others!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk”

  1. I’ve had a history of seeing my foes like unto myself. It’s so often been necessary to THINK out of body, so to speak and see myself as just another human being. This has, among other things, minimized any pain I might have felt.

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