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Helpful Anxiety Tips

My anxiety has been through the roof recently because of many different life challenges that I am working out at this very moment. *Depression has a way of convincing your mind that a typical minor problem is larger than normal* Who knew Depression can do magic tricks? I refuse to sit down and watch the show. If you look back in my past post I have always said✒”I HAVE DEPRESSION, DEPRESSION DOES NOT HAVE ME”✒👈One of the many mottos I live by!

Now back to the topic at hand. Anxiety is something that tons of people have a extremely hard time with. What I have discovered after talking to others who are managing with it is different situations can bring it on. Depression can bring it on, financial hardships, relationship problems, living circumstances, or even things that you assumed was locked away in a chest stored in the back of your closet. There are far to many causes to name off the top of my head but I have faith you can see where exactly I am trying to go with this.

No matter what has caused your anxiety to sneak attack you I have came up with a few helpful ways to take the edge off of it. *In no way am I a licensed mental health counselor, physician, or attended school for anything in the mental health field. In my opinion experience is the greatest teacher that anyone can have so with that being said I would like to also add 👉that what has worked for one may not necessary work for another.👈 Everyone would love for that not to be the cause but LIFE is not design to be simple or predictable. When LIFE is “FOR US” we love it but when it’s not working in our favor then “LIFE SUCKS”. That becomes the typical response by everyone but maturity taught me differently which is 📚Before I can wholeheartedly appreciate the wonderful moments LIFE has to offer, I first have to go through the worst to truly appreciate all of it without taking anything for granted📚. I was the type of person who would go completely off when things would go off track the smallest amount but LIFE set myself straight to the point I say absolutely nothing believing in the abilities I have while putting in the WORK to transform my dreams into my actual reality. All of this is totally free to have but only YOU have the power to accept it for yourself. No family member, spouse, close friend, or counselor can make the decision for you. *YOU MUST MAKE THE CHOICE FOR YOURSELF BY YOURSELF!*

My Anxiety Tips

  • JUST BREATHE *Anxiety has a way of making the victim think that he/or she is suffocating as if taking a breathe is so far fetched that attempting to breathe is impossible.* (Which is completely untrue because the word itself has POSSIBLE in it.)
  • STOP *If you are inside your car driving do not suddenly stop in traffic! That is not in any way what I am saying. What I am saying is STOP feeding into your anxiety by adding on into it. For Example…Your anxiety is steaming from how you will pay your electricity bill because it’s due next week. Why add on to it by driving yourself even crazier wondering how you will pay for gas not taking in account you have a full tank right now.*

  • STAY CALM & POSITIVE *I guarantee you that there is someone on this earth that is dealing with something far worst then you & myself put together but yet throwing in the towel is not a option for him/or her SO WHY SHOULD YOU? WHY SHOULD I?*
  • TAKE AS MUCH TIME OFF THAT IS NEEDED *If you are able to disconnect yourself from the outside world for a moment in order for you to think clearly;DO SO! Be ready to comeback stronger and better than you left. Show LIFE that you may have been down but you never said “YOU’RE OUT”*
  • CONFIDE IN SOMEONE THAT YOU TRUST & POUR OUT WHATEVER IS NEEDED *Sometimes the best natural remedy to help with Anxiety is speaking to someone who will not judge or speak but instead will sit back and LISTEN. Having a shoulder to cry on and a ear to listen seems minor but you have no idea how much that little gesture can change someone’s entire life. The stigma attached to many things causes the individuals who maybe actually battling it in silent from speaking up about it. Rape, physical illnesses, mental illnesses, or even certain insecurities can make some scared to have a voice to speak about it. By being a judgement-free ear you can help each one to become stronger in hopes he/or she can find their voice once again.*
  • CONCENTRATE ON THE THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL *By trying to control the things you have no control over will only irritate your anxiety even more.*

These are just a few Tips that has helped me and hopefully my tips can help you too. If you have a few tips I haven’t named in this post I would be delighted to know in my comment section👇💬. Like I have stated before what may have worked for ONE may not necessarily work for another so let’s brainstorm while WORKING TOGETHER and see which different options others can pull from! DEAL?!☔⚡

29 thoughts on “Helpful Anxiety Tips”

  1. How incredibly grateful I am for your continued blogging and even more so your honesty. Anxiety is a fierce for, but Christ is a mighty fierce warrior! Your words are so faithful to remind me that “I can do all things though Christ who strenghteneth me.” – Philippians 4:13 KJV
    Praying for you! Me and God love you! ❤ Happy Easter!

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  2. Wow – u offer a lot for folks to ponder and consider – I like the part about taking off as much time as needed.
    Sometimes people do not realize the pause or decompression phase is needed – even more sleep….

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  3. Thank you so much for writing this post. All of the tips are extremely helpful and I need to remind myself of a lot of them!! I really resonated with taking as much time off as you need. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is take a step back from everything. You’re absolutely right, you’ll come back refreshed 🙂 Wonderful advice ❤

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    1. I’m very happy you found this post helpful. Many think that slowly down is the exact same thing as quitting and will continue to keep going without taking the time out for a break and end up burning themselves out completely. Eventually most of them will end up quitting permanently due to it. Breaks are perfectly normal and help the individual in the long run❤!

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