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Work In Your Own Favor

On many different occasions some may feel as if LIFE owes you everything while YOU owe yourself nothing. By nothing I am referring to the mindset of wanting action but not putting work behind it. Everything in life requires some amount of WORK behind it.

  • Can a toddler walk perfectly on his/or her first attempt?
  • Can someone graduate from high school without doing any “school workor graduate from college and receive their Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree without doing the work that’s required?
  • In order for someone to take care of their financial responsibility…employment or “work” is necessary to maintain financial stability.

EVERYTHING IN LIFE REQUIRES SOME AMOUNT OF WORK! Practice is actually another form of “work”. Practice is in my opinion a marvelous action because in order to be amazing in what you are working for “PRACTICE” is definitely needed.

In order for your life to prosper the way you see fit “WORK” must be part of the equation. How can anyone want others to work on their behalf but you won’t work for yourself? Even God himself want you to put in the WORK behind the prayers you send up to him. Everything requires WORK to back their dreams and ambitions. Nothing is given easily anymore which is 50/50 with good & bad results. On one hand by WORKING for our heart desires when it’s received we have a greater appreciation for it vs. when it’s given with no work most will take it for granted as if anywho can receive it. In a way I think GOD as well as LIFE came up with a plan to *weed* out the who deserves it vs. the others who do not. This where “WORK” comes to play because if you want fate to “WORK” in your favor…You must “WORK” in your own favor!

Wishing, Praying, Wanting, & Luck are all great but why should each “WORK” in your favor if you choose to not “WORK” for your own self. Did your dreams fade away by accident or did you refuse to put in the “WORK” to make your dreams reality? We all know that sometimes we can unknowingly dim our own light by allowing negative outside sources into our personal space. *Tunnel Vision* is a great tool that helps keep you focus on your destination vs. the madness that may be scattered around you.

  • Instead of praying for something to happen try combining it with WORK as well.
  • Instead of wishing for something to happen let’s try combining it with WORK as well.
  • Instead of wanting things to WORK in your favor alone try combining it with the WORK you are putting in as well.

In order for anything you want to make happen you must put in the WORK to do so💡Praying, Wishing, Wanting, or even spinning around 3xs while clicking your red heels 👠 together truly doesn’t cut it without including WORK in the equation!

24 thoughts on “Work In Your Own Favor”

      1. Yes! Because I have been there, and it makes total sense. I have wallowed in “nothing ever works out for me” land before and your post really speaks to me cuz that is exactly what I had to realize that you have to become what you want to be👍👍

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  1. This is just what I needed to hear right now! I’ve been putting in a lot of effort on a project…I have a deadline coming up and I’ve had moments of doubt about whether it was worth it! Funny how sometimes you get exactly what you need…

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  2. So much truth in this post!!! I have seen so much potential waste away in others because they don’t put in the work. They rely on their talent, but talent only gets you so far in life. Great post!

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    1. Thank you! Many of individuals think that working for it is too much and because of their given talent it should be given vs. earned. Just like muscles if you do not work them out after so long the muscle mass declines. In other words your talent will slowly decline! Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my post and comment!

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