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Today is the last day for the challenge and I want to thank Riddhima Penner 👈once again for nominating me for it. Click on her name to check out her site!

While I was sitting at my desk earlier today I decided to brainstorm on which quote I wanted to choose to post about today. Look below to see the WINNER 🏆👀📹

The reason behind why is actually quite simple because on many frequent occasions I truthfully have to tell me myself in the morning “SCREW IT AND JUST DO IT!” sometimes. As badly as I want to be lazy and stay in bed all day quite a few would be more than happy to have EMPLOYMENT to be able to pay their own bills at this time but do not have such a “gift” and yet I am a individual who actually HAVE IT…GET THE HECK UP! YES, depression does make it difficult at certain points but yet still “GET THE HECK UP”!

You can only have a pity party for so long and I refuse to be ungrateful for the things other only dream of having! Even though you may feel as if your life is so incredibly awful… until you make the attempt to change your situation yourself why would someone else want to change it for you? The very things we take for granted others across the world are begging to have a just a glimpse of having.

Many people (including myself) need to eat a couple of pieces of *HUMBLE PIE* while telling themselves to “Screw IT and Just Do IT”!

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