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Hold On & Enjoy The View

Have you ever felt as if trying to stand up is a lost cause because every single attempt end up with life’s powerful wind strength knocking you back down once again? What’s the use, correct? It may seem like a never-ending ring-a-round ride that you want to hurry rush off of but what happens when you cannot do just that? Do you drive yourself insane when you are not able to control the very situations you so desperately want to? Do you start to allow the negativity to take your mind, body, and soul hostage (which in hindsight WILL MAKE THINGS SO MUCH WORSE)? The reason for my many questions is this👇

Everyone has their own share of hardships, low points, uncomfortable difficulties, painful moments, and overwhelming days but before letting go think of the many people that are looking up to you. By seeing you holding on YOU are giving each one “A Game Plan On Life” booklet to save for a rainy day. For the group of individuals who had a booklet to look back on when life became too much to navigate without a game plan to help. You were very fortunate to be gifted one and its only right to PAY-IT-FORWARD by giving others their own booklet. For the individuals who had no one to give him/or her a booklet look how far you have gotten without one already so why on earth would you want to let go NOW?

Allow the individuals who are watching you experience the same view as you by showing each one how to not only view it but keep holding on to experience the view continuously!


THANK YOU for pointing it out for me.


I want to have a serious conversation for a moment with everyone who is reading this. Do you understand that your site is the platform to reach out to the world and showcase your unique one of a kind ability? Your site is a one of kind from the moment you made the choice to set it up. Unless you give away your domain YOUR site unique and one of a kind CREATED JUST FOR YOU. If you decided to create it for your hobby, a specific cause you are strongly passionate about, a business you are just starting, or a business you already established and just want to generate more traffic to toward it. I want you to know that you have already won the competition if you are judging your social media platform vs. the social media platform of others. The moment you made the decision to create your site and did…YOU WON AUTOMATICALLY! Competition is no longer needed because your site is what sets you apart from others. Your domain cannot be duplicated by anyone else but YOU. 💡Think on what I just said💡


The next time you think of letting go look back and take a mental picture of every person that is looking at you then ask yourself one question “Which type of example do I truly want be in my lifetime and after it”? Before you decide to let go think of this post and hopefully you will tighten your grip!


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