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Just For Fun

I wanted to do something that has been on my mind to do for a while. I receive a huge amount of request asking about the quotes I have written. A few are from talented writers but here are the others that I have came up with on my own. 🌟Feel free to download and share!🌟

For my first time testing it out I think the majority came out not bad😉 Tell me your thoughts about which quote speaks directly to you and why down below in the comment area👇💬 and I wish everyone a wonderful Saturday evening🙏🌹!

13 thoughts on “Just For Fun”

  1. What God has for you…. nothing can prevent…

    I like this because faith is the ultimate, and I’m starting to understand how all the things I set out to accomplish are happening. I know as much as I wanted things to work, God had a different direction for me. I am breaking out of my shell. I had a setback yesterday, but I took a walk and did some meditating. Thanks. Follow me on Instagram @ LoveSurvived. I would love to post sone of your quotes .

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