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Superman is amazing superhero to look up to as well as Wonder Woman, The Hulk, Storm, Iron Man, Wolverine, and many others. We concentrate on different superheroes and end up forgetting on our own ABILITIES. Some individuals may do it on accident but many have little or absolutely no faith at all in their own abilities to even consider themselves to be on the exact same level as each of them. 💡Why on earth many doubt their own abilities?💡

Just to show it’s perfectly normal and okay👌 to admit the statement I posted in the beginning of this…I AM A PART OF THAT GROUP WHO LOST FAITH IN THEIR OWN ABILITIES. I am one who truly believe the quote that says “WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER, DO BETTER”. With that said I am in fact working on it in my life still. In other words , don’t feel ashamed to admit it.

REMEMBER PERFECTION IS A MYTH because in my personal opinion I strongly believe no one on this earth is perfect. If you can find someone who is I have no problem admitting that I was wrong. Let’s get back on track SHALL WE👣👣👣. Our insecurities and lack of confidence in ourselves convince us that we are not able to be extraordinary in our everyday lives. I would give up BEFORE actually giving myself a chance to step out on the field and swing. Think of your favorite NBA player and wrap your mind around if he refuse to step out on court because the team he plays for is behind by 44 points and to him his team cannot win no matter how great he plays and rather not be called off the bench. Even if he does get called off the bench to play he refuse to step one foot on the court! I don’t know about you guys but I would be pissed with him because I HAVE FAITH IN HIS ABILITIES & FOR HIM TO BE CHOSEN TO BE CHOSEN BY HIS COACH TO PLAY PROFESSIONALLY IN THE NBA THE COACH HAVE FAITH IN HIS ABILITIES AS WELL. So what is really the hold up here? I had to look at my life and asked myself that exact same question? My family and friends are extremely confident in my abilities but I have little to no faith at in my own abilities. Once I was finally able to see where I fell short at I was able to focus on my abilities and building my faith back up in each of them.

I refuse to be the NBA player who stays on the bench when it seems as if the ODDS are not in my favor and I want others to stop doubting their own abilities too. The biggest obvious sign many look past is SUPERHEROS ARE MADE UP FICTION STORIES but here are a few real-life superheroes who are not and hopefully by acknowledging their actual existence you too will develope FAITH & CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITIES AGAIN.



  1. Inspirational! “I AM A PART OF THAT GROUP WHO LOST FAITH IN THEIR OWN ABILITIES.” I have been part of this group but I am learning to trust myself… Learning to value what I have to offer and I have faith in myself now. ❤️

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      1. It does. “Taking back”…Implies I had it at one point…But honestly this is the first time in my life I have truly appreciated my worth. It’s amazing how it changes your life…

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  2. This is such a relevant post! Given nowadays there’s so much opportunity for comparison what with all the social media platforms around, that I think many lose confidence in their own abilities when they start to think of themselves as “not measuring up” to the success their peers are showcasing online. Your words are so empowering and helps people find worth in their own abilities again.

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