One thing I absolutely adore about opening up and interacting with different types of people is learning what is the reason behind WHAT MOLDED EACH PERSON TO BECOME THE INDIVIDUAL EACH IS TODAY! Have you ever recall hearing “Different Strokes, For Different Folks”? *I cannot recall the exact author of the line but if you do have the information please do tell below in the comments for me and others who may be exactly like myself and do not know as well👇💬. * Just because one solution did not work for you does not mean it would not work for someone else. How can we keep our failed attempts as well as our successful attempts hidden to the point it may IN FACT guide the next to their achieved destination.

Reading has always been a great pass time love of mine and just because I have a very complex life READING 📚 is still something I enjoy doing while INSPIRING OTHERS as well. What sets each person apart is not our problems because EVERYONE HAS THEM BUT HOW WE HANDLE EACH ONE! That is something that stands out to the masses differently. For instance, when you think of a movie premier do everyone walkout with the same exact take or view of it? While many be in love with the film others will not be able to voice enough how much they actually despise it. Everyone has their own personal point of view on different aspects of their lives so why not inject the world with yours?

We all can help each other even though at times it SEEMS as if helping our OWN selves is nonexistent. Learning is something we do without even knowing it is being done. When I think of my pass time READING I see each book or “NEW POST” as a “NEW LESSON” that I am actually discovering because of the different platform each new blogger has stepped out and created. Not everyone has the ability to do what each individual is doing at this present time but “DIFFERENT STROKES, FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS” and just because he or she has not truthfully in my opinion says nothing negative about who each one truly is on the inside. My one suggestion is to SPEAK FOR THEM to the point that person will eventually find their voice because you led by example.

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