Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Let’s Play Ball

Life has a way of constantly kicking you down each time it seems as if you have made it back up. Yes, it can in fact takes a dramatic toll on your physical and mental health because after each rainbow here comes the next storm headed in your direction. Do you think that the planet has it in for you? Do you wonder why your prayers seem to be falling on deaf ears? Do you think giving up is your last and final option? Do you think signaling for HELP is a lost cause? Take a moment and answer each question in your head as well as keep reading to see if in fact my opinions of a solution will work in your best interest. You may not use everything but I am ok if a few choose to use only certain pieces.

Think of the game BASEBALL and the main goal of it.

Our life is very similar to it but we have something greater that even the professional players would love to have at times concerning their odds of winning. IN LIFE WE HAVE A UNLIMITED CHANCES TO HIT A HOME RUN WHENEVER ONE IS GIVEN. When certain situations seem to be coming at you the hardest point to understand is the reason why life will not allow you to breathe in between the next pitch or the reason why it seems as though you are locked inside a batting cage and the machine is malfunctioning all the while you are screaming but everyone has left for day.

Technology has advance tremendously so running around in the cage is a temporary fix and knowing that my question becomes 👉HOW LONG CAN YOU KEEP RUNNING FROM THE MACHINE? I do not have any idea about you but running is not many individuals strong area but even if that is your precious gift👉 how long can your legs keep it up? The same exact faith you have in your legs to keep it up should you also have it in ability to hit a HOME RUN each time another ball is thrown your way? How does that sound to you right about now? Please feel free to tell me your thoughts below📝.

The way we see the world around us is different each time and that in itself is a unique gift to have. No one has our site even though many can see something similar as we do no one can see exactly as you and I.

Each time a new ball comes our way instead of seeing it negatively, allow your mind to view it as a open opportunity to knock it out the park to be able to have another HOME RUN notch under your belt. Dwell less on the problem instead concentrate harder on the solution meanwhile staying alert and open to what may come next. I want you to think of all your previous accomplishments and what you had on your plate while achieving the goal. Since today is in fact FATHER’S DAY let me start off with those who are in fact a FATHER first.

  1. If you became a FATHER before graduating high school but still graduated with a high school diploma or received your G.E.D. despite fatherhood taking over a huge chunk of your plate💜
  2. Adding a job on that same exact plate to provide for your child💜
  3. Spending valuable time with your child also is added on to that already filled plate (automatically)💜
  4. Providing for yourself as well is also added on your plate which can also be less than the set amount you wanted💜

💜The same goes for mothers as well and more!💜

The point I am trying to get across is the fact that MULTITASKING is human nature even if we decline to do it from time to time or even do it at all. Every last one of us can multitask if in fact we choose to. Hitting a home run time after time is also a form of multitasking in which PROVES to me it can and will be executed successfully when the time comes. The same way I have confidence in my own personal abilities I also have confidence in others even if they lack having it for themselves. Something I have discovered is having someone else who has no clue on your background or even current state tell you that “I BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH” cause you to think if nothing else. Being detached from any and everyone is a feeling I know so well but after total complete strangers started telling me those 10 words (some in a quite similar phrase) it actually started me to think and look within myself for answers.

By Paying-It-Forward and believing in others who are doubting themselves my only goal is to make each person THINK. Knock each ball out the park every chance you get!

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