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VICTOR: a person who has overcome or defeated an adversary; conqueror.

VICTIM: a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency

Before answering I wanted to lay out both meanings. (Click on each word above to be taken to the site where I found the meanings from.) *GOOD OL’ FASHION DICTIONARY.COM*

For myself straight out the gate I can proudly proclaim I am a VICTOR that transition from a VICTIM. It may have taken myself awhile to fully understand my journey but I will never be ashamed of it and because of that I know who and why I am one. For the individuals who assume that becoming a victor is out of your reach allow me to be the one to personally help you to come back to reality. Better yet allow me to lead you back to your reality. Everytime life tries to tear you down and yet you continue to rise back up that in itself proves you are not only strong but a victor as well. If at first your vision is a tad bit cloudy you are still one and will forever be. Once you become one no person on this earth can remove the title unless you allow the opinion of others to pollute your heart into believing that filth.

Yes, the old saying says “You are the product of your environment” but I cannot recall being told that we must in fact stay there. Get up and keep on going because you are no longer a victim but a victor! Your circumstances does not dictate your future, only you do. Holding on to the problem we tend to forget that we made it through, even though it was a difficult task to successfully do. Embrace each victory for the outstanding accomplishment each one is and commend yourself for completing it. Give credit where credit is do and begin with you!

Life is designed to be difficult, frustrating, over the top, too much to handle, and at times almost completely suffocating. In the past the last phrase was the one that started my panic attacks to come to the nerves but here is what helped me to release the feelings from it so if you will check it out below.

*The word ALMOST seem miniature and useless next to COMPLETELY SUFFOCATING. That is perfectly normal because my first reaction was to focus on those two words as well. The word ALMOST is the key here because of its actual definition which is “not quite”. If the word ALMOST is removed and “not quite” is inserted COMPLETELY SUFFOCATING is not truly no longer relevant in my eyes.*

THAT IS LIFE but do not allow it to hold you at a permanent standstill because of it! Do not allow it to prevent you from doing what that is originally designed and skillfully crafted for you to do. What is meant for you will always be yours no matter how many times others try to push it away or knock it out of your hands. Remember you are a victor at the end of the day not because of what you have gone through but because what you made it out of. Do yourself a favor and hold that helpful knowledge close to your heart.

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