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Once upon a time the word REGRET was used consistently in my vocabulary, anytime something I desired did not turn out exactly as I planned it to be or when my dream fairytale ending brought to life turned out horribly. That one word seemed to do the trick until shortly later whatever has taken place surfaces back up again. I deeply dreaded those feelings and as a result the word REGRET became tremendously common for me to use. My frequent use can be compared to the typical over the counter painkillers because anytime things seem to start falling apart I would use my signature phrase

I regret…

and suddenly the disappointments vanish without without a trace.

Years ago I was under the impression that all of my problems were perfectly solved but maturity taught and explained things differently. I was shown compared to the typical over the counter painkillers it was merely temporary and sooner or later without acknowledging the underlying problem it will keep recurring. If everyone stop regretting our disappointments in life vs. correcting the underlying problem that is associated with it only then will a permanent solution can be found. Growth is necessary but we all have time for it to take place! When things don’t fit your vision my advice to you is seek under the surface and correct the underlying problem. Placing a temporary solution on any type of problem without looking deeper will only provide a temporary fix.

It can be a hard task to do but unless you want to keep having to relive the problem continuously you must find out the underlying problem. I don’t know about you but for me that was a tremendous issue of mine because whenever I would attempt to dig deeper before the true problem revealed itself, every single emotion I thought was gone reappeared once again followed by anxiety too. Who seriously want all of that especially when you are already struggling to keep everything up float to begin with? Not me, so trust me when I say the feeling is mutual but to receive much needed relief it has to be done. Do yourself a favor and delete the word REGRET out of your vocabulary permanently by solving the underlying problem for once and for all. The relief I received from doing so, words can’t describe how freeing it was once the work was completed. Replace the word REGRET with the word LESSON so that instead of seeing something as a regret in life, after finding the underlying problem and fixing it you can now view it as another learning lesson.

In life everyone should be teachable despite what age he or she may be because no one knows everything. With each new day comes new discoveries as well as lessons not another regret. If you choose to dwell on your regrets you will start missing out on the things life has to offer. I realized a few years ago while at one of my lowest moments your mind can be a blessing or curse because if you allow it to only focus on the negative aspects of your life it will slowly destroy you unless you train your mind to find the good in any situation. For instance, today a bill is due and you will have to pay the late fee because of it but tomorrow is pay day so you will have the money to pay both. Be thankful that you have steady employment to expect a paycheck from because it could be opposite but by only focusing on the late bill many lose sight of that.

I challenge anyone who may stumble across this to remain teachable and from this day forth turn anything that could’ve been a regret into a new lesson!

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