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Building Blocks

Have you ever felt as if trying to succeed was worthless or out of your reach? Why do we try but nothing positive come out of it? Meanwhile others seem to hit the mark without breaking one tiny sweat, this would be something I would ask myself constantly because its not as if I don’t put in the effort. As a child I can remember playing with building blocks and every time it seems as if I was one block away from completely my building suddenly the entire structure would come crashing down. Similar to certain situations in life when we are one step away from the goal suddenly everything comes crashing down and that by far is extremely disheartening to have happen time and time again. Who truly wants to put themselves through that sort of torment, especially when it seems everything around them is hanging on by a thread in the first place?

Life can certainly be intense and overwhelming but always remember where there is a will you can expect there to be a way. Something can be a struggle right now but whose to say it will be the same tomorrow or later on down the line? No one knows the true moment that things will change unless you throw in the towel and tap out of it altogether. Tapping out was my go to quick fix after trying for so long and receiving nothing in return, sad to say but that is my truth. For awhile, I would never speak on it because the people around me would compliment me on how strong I am even though behind closed doors I would breakdown on a frequent basis.

Many people have a excellent poker face that others will most likely be unable to detect. On the outside I would agree with their compliment but on the inside I knew the entire truth. It took awhile for me to fully comes to grips with everything but eventually I did and this was what I discovered about it all.

  • Many give up mentally before actually giving up physically.
  • We allow our negative thoughts to control the amount of determination and drive we once controlled ourselves.
  • Once you allow your insecurities to take over your mind it will then take over your will to keep trying and your body will follow the script.

Give yourself the chance to catch up before you decide to give up because not many things happen overnight. (Even though we all wish it can.) How can you determine when your time will be? The only thing you can really do is keep trying until it finally does. One thing I know for sure is wanting to succeed just like someone else will stop your own progression because everyone has their own time clock that is designed strictly for them but don’t allow that to slow your pace in any way. Just understand that your time is approaching and allow things to fall in line as its suppose to. Have you ever heard the saying “what’s meant to be will be” as well as “hard work pays off”? As long as you don’t lose momentum or faith everything will workout just fine in any situation.

Knowing and understanding you are not the only person who has a certain vision that hasn’t happened at the exact moment you wanted it to brings a tad bit of relief in a sense. You don’t necessarily have to know the others but acknowledging you are not the first and will not be the last in a way motivates you to finish what you have started. Maybe you would also want to reach out and lend a helping hand to someone else who you spot is in a similar situation you was once in.

Earlier I spoke of my childhood when I would play with building blocks from time to time. What I would like to point out now is how as a child I would become frustrated at moments when the structure wasn’t fitting the image I had in my mind, so like most kids I would cause my own building to crash down. The habits we formed in our childhood can transfer into our adulthood. Even though the blocks are no longer used we can use other things in replace of them as a adult and cause our own things to crash down because it may not be happening in the time range we would like or not fitting the image we have envision in our minds before seeing the ending results. Why start over if there is a chance we could switch the narrative we once had altogether and receive the same exact results?

“What is meant to be will be

Letting go of the all the negativity will only make space for more positivity to come your way.

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