Allow It To Build You Up

Carpenters construct and repair building frameworks and structures Since today is Sunday something came to mind while reading my bible. W.W.J.D. was a common abbreviation during my youth church days which stood for "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?" I can recall wearing the different bracelets throughout the weekdays at school that was given to each youth… Continue reading Allow It To Build You Up

Christianity, Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Tunnel Vision

When you are on a mission, what do you see? Do you see your surroundings? Do you only see your destination and nothing else? Sometimes I have to sit back and evaluate my life when I see how much I find myself in the same situations as before. WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING WRONG… Continue reading Tunnel Vision

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Speak To My Soul

Every now again everyone find a particular song that speaks to their soul. While flipping through YouTube I came across a interview from LECRAE a gospel rapper who was speaking on his battle with his faith...He also spoke on why his faith is still intact stronger than before. Due to the fact I could relate… Continue reading Speak To My Soul