LOYALTY…is a word many use but at the same time not many people truly knows the true meaning of the word. My loyalty is something that will never change no matter how many individuals want me to. Before anyone can say they have the gift of my loyalty God had it first. In my lifetime I cannot begin to count how many difficult times I was able to pull through because God’s loyalty never left my side even when others had. 

     He never tried to change the person I once was but instead He let me make the necessary changes I needed with his guidance walking me through the thunderstorms allowing me to understand despite the obstacles I may face *REMEMBER HE VOW TO NEVER LEAVE MY SIDE* and for that alone I will continue to give him praise for the rest of my life and even after when I join him in his kingdom.

   The thing about me is I do not judge others based on their own religious belief. I can only speak on mine because when I was was at my lowest HE guided me out of the pain, sadness, dispair, darkness, and emptiness…not only did he helped me but HE also gave me the calmness I have been so desperately seeking. My grandmother used to blast gospel music in her room and locked herself in for various time periods when I was younger; even after I became an adult until the moment she passed. On different occasions I also encountered others who would also repeat the same pattern she would do including me. It took me awhile but everything makes perfect since now. One movie “The War Room” helped explain in detail what might have been going on in their cases but in my case *LET ME JUST SAY IT FITS ME PERFECTLY*. Basically the movie shows how just like anyone that has a battle they may or in the future have to face before  war soldiers have to get themselves physically prepared as well as mentally prepared and all that takes place in “The War Room”. Some *including myself* has to turn up the music to tune everything else out, in order to concentrate on the task that lies ahead. In order to win a soldier has to have a strong commander/chief to guide all fellow soldiers to victory. God is there even when you may feel HE isn’t. 

      Without HIM there is no me! Truthfully speaking, because when I look back over my life HE has proven to me personally of his existence. Who else can explain the fact that every suicide attempt I tried failed? The doctors who was over my admittance couldn’t even after looking over my chart continuously. I can only speak about my personal experiences and what he has done to prove of his favor he has shown all throughout my life. My family made me go to church when I was younger and once I turned 18 I was told it was my choice to continue or not. Mistakenly, I stopped but after every I experienced later on down the line…my frame of thought became “Well, I tried everything else…So why not”? It was during that exact moment when I surrendered every problem I ever had over to HIM did my life changed tremendously in a positive way. No one can choose a religion for you, you have to make the decision for yourself. My mother worked at a church during my childhood, instead of only attending bible study Thursday and Sunday service….Monday thru Sunday I was at church.When I became able to not have that life anymore I gladly took it and thought “FREEDOM AT LAST”! In order to believe all that I was taught as a child…once I became older I had to build a relationship with him for myself. He will always have my loyalty, even though I made the mistake of doubting his.

4 thoughts on “LOYALTY”

  1. This was good blog and I just realized something after reading this. In order to be loyal to people I have to be loyal to God first.
    Also loyalty to me isn’t perfection but it just being honest and true to the person you have a bond with.
    Thanks for posting this up

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