Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

When  I speak on my past relationships every single one taught me important lessons I carry along this crazy journey called “LIFE”. I always tell people if I am able to remember their actually names then he or she has definitely made some sort of impact on me in a way I cannot forget the individual. Truthfully, I understand now what I had difficulties understanding back then. One huge misunderstanding was allowing myself to think I had the opportunity to change the way my first ever love’s mind hoping desperately he would choose me like the way I always chose him. Let’s say I was dating someone else (usually only to make him jealous) and when he called (not taking the person’s feelings into consideration) without any hesitation I would go straight back to him. *KARMA ALWAYS WILL FIND YOU NO MATTER WHAT! YOU CANNOT PLAY IN DIRT EXPECTING TO COME OUT WITH CLEAN HANDS…BUT IF YOU ARE LUCKY AND  ACTUALLY COME OUT CLEAN…KARMA WILL HAPPEN WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT…SO BE VERY CAREFUL & READY FOR IT*


When I think about everything that transpired between him and I…how can I truly be mad? Instead, I forgave myself first and in return I had the courage to also give him also.  Now realizing how much I truly loved him (THE LOVE I CARRIED FOR HIM IS  STILL UNCONDITIONAL WHEN IT COMES TO HIM) allowed me to realize that if one of my exes put me through the same things he did I would without any question walk away quickly. Every relationship has their share of problems but it’s up to both parties to not only work through it but decide if the relationship is worth fighting for.


My biggest issue when it comes to a relationship is the amount of people that’s allowed into it. Not everyone should know about the relationship unless you are trying to show how despite the odds you two are a living testimony that the love is still going strong. I am the type of person who will not sugarcoat the truth I believe is true for my friends. Love is a beautiful blessing…but I prefer for individuals to either stick it out quietly or leave. Its a very common situation of receiving the side eye from me as well as many others when one minute the same individual a person speak poorly about to anyone who will listen airing their sensitive laundry….is the same exact individual who you are madly in love with the day after taking the exact  same individual back. Not everything deserves an audience or platform…meaning the same people you might be confiding in may secretly want to find any little crack to sneak in and take what you have….(understand everyone has the power to make their own CHOICES & if your significant other can be stolen your significant other made the CHOICE to allow it to happen) *I had to clear it that up before I continued to go further*


Remember when I said “guy or girl”? Yes, I dated the same sex before but after CAREFUL consideration I can say in my world that was a phase. To others it’s their personal truth….My situation was completely different. When I was going through my phase one parent was accepting while the other was completely against it. *truthfully, I enjoyed getting under my father’s skin during the phase because he was absent in my life anyway* My mother was accepting but you must understand that my family is extremely religious and on one hand she did not stop loving me due to my personal choice but at the same time she did not allow it to be taking place in the home…because I was under the legal age during that time my parent rules were LAW and WRITTEN IN STONE. The choice to date the opposite sex was completely my choice alone and no one else’s. Seeing how insane the world is now I thank my mother for allowing me to decide for myself the path I wanted to travel without compromising her faith in Christ or parenting skills. Church was still mandatory back then…I am very grateful that God blessed me with a wonderful strong role model. I’m guessing she’s the person chosen to walk through this outrageous journey called LIFE with me.

While individuals around me are rushing to the alter or has the title of “Serial Dater” I am patiently focus on my inner peace and spirtual path. You attract like souls and if you keep attracting the same type of men or women chances are you must first change yourself before you are able to attract the type of individuals you are desperately wanting. Things only happen when the universe determine you are ready *in my situation God determines every step I take*  and only then will your next step is determined.  Remember… “Birds of a Feather Flock Together & You Are What You Hang Around” Change yourself first and everything else fall into place!




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