Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Never Alone *short & sweet*

Good night everyone, I hope you had a amazing weekend because the start of weekday is swiftly approaching whether we are ready for it or not. If you are not ready you better start the process because its coming! I read a post a few days and listened to a wonderful song that was embedded… Continue reading Never Alone *short & sweet*

Let's Talk, VENTING

The Power of Love

I do believe it's the truth when people often say "love makes you do crazy things" because we all have experienced seeing someone or even becoming the person who has done something you wouldn't typically do all in the name of love. To some the act may seem a bit bizarre but most times it's… Continue reading The Power of Love


Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

When  I speak on my past relationships every single one taught me important lessons I carry along this crazy journey called "LIFE". I always tell people if I am able to remember their actually names then he or she has definitely made some sort of impact on me in a way I cannot forget the… Continue reading Birds Of A Feather Flock Together