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Sexual Assault, Rape & Molestation happens everyday around the world. For the people who says "Why did he/or she waited so long to report?" Please understand there is NO correct time period to speak on it unless you are seeking criminal actions on the matter. Seeing how time has changed for the better is such… Continue reading #ME TOO

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Leading Me Back

When most are in a panic I am in a calm yet peaceful enviroment that I created for myself and anyone else that wants to join I welcome with open arms. Yes, huricane season is in full effect but stressing yourself out doesn't solve anything at all. Planning is all my household has done...we gathered… Continue reading Leading Me Back


Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

When  I speak on my past relationships every single one taught me important lessons I carry along this crazy journey called "LIFE". I always tell people if I am able to remember their actually names then he or she has definitely made some sort of impact on me in a way I cannot forget the… Continue reading Birds Of A Feather Flock Together


Deeply Lost In My Thoughts

Have you ever suddenly realize the purpose you thought you had quickly disappeared without a trace or trail to be able to find yourself again? I will be brutally honest with everyone as well as with myself. I often think everything is going well and BOOM life has a very frustrating way of creeping back… Continue reading Deeply Lost In My Thoughts