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Think Clearly

I am constantly asking myself Why on Earth more than a handful of woman THINK that having a child from a man will convince that SAME EXACT MAN to stay in a relationship he clearly doesn’t want to be in? This is a question I constantly ask myself when I see a pregnant woman crying her eyes out over a man who she THOUGHT would change but sadly needs to dry her eyes and focus on the task at hand *BECOMING THE BEST MOTHER SHE CAN POSSIBLY BE* with or without the father by her side.

Since I only speak from experience I once was in her shoes and because I wanted him so badly a few pregnancies were planned while a couple happened out of the blue. Each of my pregnacies ended in a loss of a child but if I knew then what I know now…A BABY DOES NOT KEEP A MAN THAT DOES NOT WANT TO BE KEPT!

When a child is in the womb as a mother your only thought should be on your growing baby. Not on who the dad is seeing or why he does not see a future with you…dwelling on those things will only stress you out but more importantly stress the seed inside of you out. As a pregnant woman your child feels EVERYTHING you are feeling good or bad

  • Anything you ingust into your body is also ingusted by your child.
  • When you are in pain your child experience some or all the effects of it as well.
  • When you are overwhelmed by stress the same goes for the child.

Even though at a certain point you made the decision to plan to become pregnant by him, the child had no say in your decison. Prepare for the consequences that follows as a result of your choice. Understand if a guy does not want you, having his child will not CHANGE or force him to. Just because he left you, as a MOTHER you have a HUGE responsibly on your back. Do not take your frustration with the father out on the child.

My mother has never spoken negativly about my father. My view of him comes solely FROM ME . To be completely honest, I gave up on having a relationship with him because “WHY” should I seriously try? I am at peace with him not playing the role of father active in my life. I do not have any ill feelings toward him and I already forgiven him a very long time ago.





What can I say about myself? I spent alot of my life in a shell afraid to come out and see what the world can really offer me. Today, I am proud enough to allow my life lessons help others. So if you you are having difficulties with Depression, wanting to run away from everything, tired of constantly getting hurt, have a huge misunderstanding of the bumping road that life keep throwing your way, feel hopeless about your future, and maybe just wish life would give you a break already...I created my blog for you...

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