Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Speak To My Soul

Every now again everyone find a particular song that speaks to their soul. While flipping through YouTube I came across a interview from LECRAE a gospel rapper who was speaking on his battle with his faith...He also spoke on why his faith is still intact stronger than before. Due to the fact I could relate… Continue reading Speak To My Soul


Become Your Own Superhero

As a child I remember reading comic books wishing I would become Superwoman when I grew up. The children in those books had someone who would save them when it was needed. Truthfully...I was jealous not fully understanding why no one saved me as if secretly I wasn't worthy enough to be saved by any… Continue reading Become Your Own Superhero


Sit Back, Observe, and Demand Change

For the LOVE of me I cannot understand why society is so backwards. Instead of giving credit to the indivuals who worked hard to succeed, society rather credit the indivuals that *ACT* horribly. I barely turn on the T.V. due to the fact many people are entertain by the mess...I am not...since I cannot control… Continue reading Sit Back, Observe, and Demand Change


A Negative Attitude Is contagious

Have you ever been around someone who negativity affects the entire group around the person and no matter if its a home residence, school classmates, fellow co-workers, or even shoppers in a store who encounter a frustrated employee...ONE NEGATIVE PERSON CAN INFECT SOMEONE ESLE WHO IN TURN KNOWINGLY OR ACCIDENTLY INFECT OTHERS! We should work… Continue reading A Negative Attitude Is contagious