Monday-Sunday Inspiration, Story Time


Let Me Be Honest...When it seems like I am blogging inspiration to others it is 🔦INDEED TRUE🔦 as well as inspiring myself to desperately Keep Moving Forward👉 These past couple of months has been extremely overwhelming emotionally & physically. Instead of running to ALCOHOL 🍸, PILLS💊, OR HIDING FROM MY PROBLEMS like I did in… Continue reading MATURITY

Monday-Sunday Inspiration, Story Time

The Story Of The Queen Who Lost Her Crown

Once apon a time there was a queen by the name of Amara who while spending time with a guy SECRETLY (because her family forbid her to associate with him) somehow and someway after rushing back home she noticed her crown was gone. Since her parents would be home at any minute, retracing her steps… Continue reading The Story Of The Queen Who Lost Her Crown


A Negative Attitude Is contagious

Have you ever been around someone who negativity affects the entire group around the person and no matter if its a home residence, school classmates, fellow co-workers, or even shoppers in a store who encounter a frustrated employee...ONE NEGATIVE PERSON CAN INFECT SOMEONE ESLE WHO IN TURN KNOWINGLY OR ACCIDENTLY INFECT OTHERS! We should work… Continue reading A Negative Attitude Is contagious

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Motivational Monday

With Monday quickly coming around the corner, I felt like myself as well as others need some motivation in order to start it off with a positive mindset...Hope this will give others a push in the right direction🌞👍💪 In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can...Nikos Kazantzakis Nothing can be done without… Continue reading Motivational Monday


One Step At A Time

The biggest mile stone of my journey has to be walking past infants or toddlers without any tears running down my face. I can now be happy for my friends who are pregnant without secretly being jealous of their new parenthood. Having that negativity, jealousy, and evil inside only made me disgusting inside as well… Continue reading One Step At A Time



For many years I was the girl who hid everything about herself from the outside world...because of low self esteem, hurt, and how others would judge the choices I made in the past. The same people who I allowed inside would be the same individuals who would throw my insecurities back in my face. I… Continue reading VENTING OUT LOUD


Finding The Good In Life No Matter What

Have you ever looked over your life and realize YOU stopped many of blessings you were meant to have? I haven't been blogging a lot lately because of work, personal problems, and internal conflict I have been battling lately. When certain situations come to my attention I literally have to disconnect from reality to see… Continue reading Finding The Good In Life No Matter What